with Free Home Inspection and Consultation

For homeowners looking for a more personalized experience, we are proud to offer our exclusive Synergy² Quarterly Residential Pest IPM Plan. With the focus on science-based integrated pest management principles and pest prevention, Synergy² invests in cutting-edge chemical technology to build a barrier around our customers homes. We keep bugs where they belong, outside of your home!

What makes us different? Every product utilized in our quarterly pest management program has been extensively reviewed by both a licensed pharmacist and licensed pest professional to ensure maximum safety and efficacy. Synergy² also incorporates the latest “green” technology with microbial organic drain treatments and reduced risk insect growth regulators focused on providing both safe and long-term protection from pests.

Worried about dealing with pushy salesmen over the phone? No need! Our licensed pest professionals meet with each customer individually, providing a free home pest inspection and consultation to best understand their family’s unique needs. Synergy² then creates a customized quarterly pest management plan for that customer and promptly emails a copy of the plan with associated costs following the visit.

Services included in Synergy² Quarterly Residential Pest IPM Plan:

  • - Home Inspection .
  • - Dual Exterior Barrier Treatment including a granular soil application and a liquid barrier treatment formulated with exclusive polymer technology to protect the application from outdoor elements.
  • - Interior Barrier Treatment utilizing a highly effective, low-dose insecticide combined with a reduced risk insect growth regulator.
  • - A “green” insecticide-free microbial drain treatment for the prevention of filth flies.