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Worst Pest to Meet in the College Dorms

Dealing with college dorm pests is far from a positive experience and can quickly make your college life quite challenging! If you are a new college student, you will be surprised to know that most college and universities do have their pest control policies, yet they cannot guarantee that there will be no irritating bed bugs or the silverfish problem that can appear when you have those damp or mold areas in the college dorm or the area that contains your wet clothes after that rainy day or the gym practice. As we proceed with the pests that can be encountered in the college dorms, make sure that you check the pest control rules in your college and universities. 

Worst Pest to Meet in the College Dorms 

– Bed Bugs. 

Now bed bugs can be encountered even at the most famous campus schools and universities. They are always pervasive and probably belong to the worst pest that can invade your college dorm. They are mostly harmless even though they do bite. If you are sensitive to them, they can make you feel itchy by leaving red traces. The worst part, however, is that the bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate. They can live in the old rugs or those textbooks that you have rented. You might not know it, but you can bring them in with an old bag or some objects that are shared by the college students as the bed bugs can attach to anything, especially if it’s something that is second-hand. 

As you are getting ready for your next exam or worry about your assignment, make sure that you do not use any old fabrics to keep warm, and always inspect the dorm room. If you are feeling stuck, do not forget about Trusted Essay Reviews since they will help you to get over the stress and find the best academic assistance online! It’s always easier to learn this way and get immediate help, so you can finish things earlier and do some cleaning in your college dorm! 

– Silverfish. 

First of all, they only look frightening since we mostly encounter them at night since they are nocturnal (living at night!). Silverfish species always love to hide in those areas when it’s dark and damp. They are mostly harmless, yet it’s not so pleasant when you see them crawl somewhere nearby even though they do not bite! 

Why do they occupy your college dorm and how to get rid of them? They are mostly taking the places where you leave damp clothes after the gym or let the towel stay somewhere next to your sofa before you finally pick it up. Just remember that you should not let your damp clothes or anything stay on the floor. If you won’t do the laundry in the next 10-15 minutes, it’s essential to let your clothes or towels dry by hanging them before tossing them in your laundry basket. The truth is, when you get these damp items unattended, it’s the best place for all the pests, including the silverfish. The most important thing is to avoid damp places and store your clothes dry. Make sure that you open the windows to let in the fresh air and keep your college dorm fresh and tidy. 

– Flies and Gnats. 

Let’s proceed with those pests that appear far more dangerous since the flies can spread disease and generally appear quite bad. Luckily, we all know about these pests!  While you can keep a flyswatter somewhere by your side, it is not the right way to go! If your college room is invaded by flies or gnats, it’s not easy to keep them away. If there are any decaying organic elements like the food you have left or the dirt in the trash, they have a good place to spread. To avoid them: you should keep your food covered and keep the trash bin accurate and always empty whenever you have the chance. 

Speaking of the gnats, you should keep your room tidy and vacuum clean at least every 2-3 days. Keep the dust away and make sure to keep your kitchen furniture clean and the dishes washed. The gnats like to spread in standing water or moisture-filled areas. If you have any plants in your college dorm, do not water them too much as it may create those little pools of water. Check the leaks in your bathroom or the sink to make sure there is no moisture. 

– Ants. 

Another college dorm pest that you meet can sneak well through the holes and those tears that you can see on window screens or the sinkholes in the pipe’s joints. Yes, we are talking about the ants! Dealing with ants is one of those problems that many college students face. The ants invade because of the food that you leave on the table, the sweet crumbles from the snacks, and those foods that are high in sugar. The most important thing is to keep things tidy and make sure that you do not leave any food uncovered. Your products, even when they’re stored, must be sealed with a tight plastic container or a bag. If there is an opening, the ants can get through. It’s especially related to the place where you store sugar or something sweet. 

There are also special solutions like placing cotton balls in the holes or places where you meet the ants. It takes ½ teaspoon borax, about eight teaspoons of sugar, and one cup of warm water. Then, stir it all and dissolve the cotton balls! 

Accuracy Matters 

Firstly, always keep your food sealed, and do not forget to vacuum clean the dorm regularly. Use a washcloth to clean the dust and do not keep your room cluttered with old textbooks and untidy objects. The same relates to taking the trash out and avoiding the standing water and the damp clothes lying on the floor. The majority of college students like to keep things messy just like teenagers, yet the college dorm is your responsibility and you must do your best to keep things accurate. If you have a messy roommate, explain your attitude and show a positive example. Start by checking the window screens for the holes/deviations together. When you do so, it makes it more inspiring and interesting as you make things safe and comfortable! 


Michael Carr knows all about college life and the challenges that come along. As a writer and a technical specialist, he loves to write and offer efficient solutions. Follow Michael to get new ideas and stay inspired! 

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