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Where Do Wasps Go in Winter?

Wasps go where ants go: scouting food sources for the colony. Wasps will also build their nest in bare trees, usually near their nest in the previous season. Every spring and summer, wasps have a constant stream of nectar from flowers but come winter, when temperatures drop, and the plants no longer offer food, wasps find themselves facing starvation.

It’s winter in most places, and that means fewer days outside. But wasps don’t slow down in the winter. They still look forward to the warmth and sunshine, just like we do. So, where do wasps go in winter?

Common FAQ’s About Wasps

1.Do wasps pollinate?

2.How to keep wasps away?

3.How long do wasps live?

4.How to get rid of red wasps?

5.Do wasps make honey?

When Winter Comes, Where Do Wasps Go?

In warm places, they like to cluster together. Wasps gather in masses, often in enclosed areas. They prefer warm places with lots of prey, so look for them around sheltered areas, like under stones or logs or in branches of trees and shrubs. So, where do they go? Well, for a start, adult wasps are cold-blooded, and so their bodies simply conserve energy to survive the cold. However, part of that process involves hibernating, and that’s where wasps go in winter: hibernating in bee hives or abandoned bird nests. (That’s why wasps are so drawn to your trash cans: they’re looking for a warm place to hibernate for the winter!)

The queen will hibernate during the winter, and you won’t hear from her until you hear the buzzing in the spring. She won’t die during the winter, however, but will go dormant. The colony survives with the colony members who will survive the winter by hibernating at the ends of tunnels and cracks in walls. Another common way wasps survive winter is by hiding inside the bodies of other insects. The wasp will hibernate inside the other insect’s body and then emerge in the spring.

Are Wasps dangerous?

Wasps are likely the most frightening summer pests, but they can also pose a serious threat during the colder months of the year. As the weather cools down, these insects seek warmth, often leaving small nests behind in their wake. If you see a cluster of tiny black, yellow, or silver hairs hanging from a tree limb or the roof of a house, there’s a good chance they came from wasps. But should you get them out, or should you leave them alone?

Wasps are certainly scary but do they pose a threat to your safety? While they certainly are aggressive, wasps pose no major threat unless provoked. In most cases, wasps will steer clear of humans unless provoked. However, if you disturb a nest or if you find a wasp nest near your home, it is best to contact a professional wasp control service.

How to get rid of wasps

Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, paper wasps, and fire ants are just a few of the many types of wasps you may encounter in your home during the winter months. Wasps in homes can cause painful stings and allergic reactions. Wasps don’t waste any time and attack as soon as they’re aware of you.

 But no worries – here are several ways to help you get rid of wasps in your home:

  • Keep your food and trash covered. Even though wasps are beneficial insects for pollinating plants, they are a nuisance when they invade your home. The best way to get rid of these insects is to keep food and trash covered. If you store your trash in an outdoor container, make sure it is tightly covered. This not only keeps wasps away it also cuts down on other pests. Wasps are attracted by garbage that is not tightly covered.
  • Cover up the cracks and holes in your house. So, you want to learn how to get rid of wasps, but there’s no need to use a wasp spray to get rid of these pesky insects. Just cover up the cracks and holes on your house, and chances are they won’t be back.
  • Create a wasp trap. Yes, there are a couple of ways to trap a wasp in a bottle and scare it off. Many people use wasp traps to trap wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, or bees. Wasps are a challenge because they live in colonies and assemble around the entrance to their nest. A wasp trap involves using something small enough to fit into a hole that a wasp is entering and leaving its nest. Wasps are attracted by sweet foods, such as honey and syrup, so the bait is often a big part of the recipe.
  • Use peppermint oil. We recommend using peppermint oil to get rid of wasps, ants, and other insects. Peppermint essential oil is a natural pest repellent, and it can be used by spraying it around your home or externally. You may also try mixing peppermint oil with water and spraying it around your home.
  • Use the soap+water combination. Wasps can be a menace, both at home and outdoors. They are annoying and stingy, and they can be very dangerous. It’s essential to ensure that they don’t sting you or people or pets around. To deter wasps from stinging you, use soap and water as one the tips on how to get rid of wasps.
  • Mix some essential oil blend. Wasps can be a troubling presence for homeowners. Not only do they build nests in inconvenient places, but they also harass humans for no good reason. Fortunately, there are several tips on how to get rid of wasps, such as using a garlic essential oil blend. This essential oil blend contains clove oil, tea tree essential oil, and lavender essential oil. Using clove oil will help get rid of wasps and the nests that they build.

Wasps (especially yellow jackets) are a common household pest, and bees (especially honey bees) can be very dangerous. They are known to carry diseases that affect humans, pets, and even livestock, and stings from them can be painful, dangerous, and even deadly. When there are wasps or bees in your home, it’s important to take proper precautions. Before trying to get rid of wasps or bees yourself, contact a reputable pest control company, Synergy², which can provide safe and effective removal services.

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