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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From and Other Bed Bug FAQ’s

Diatomaceous earth bed bugs?

Diatomaceous earth is an effective, organic, and non-chemical option to kill bed bugs.  While it may take 2-4 weeks after treatment for bed bugs to die, diatomaceous earth can work.  Diatomaceous earth works as an abrasive to bed bug’s exoskeletons causing the bed bug to desiccate and die.

While diatomaceous earth can be effective killing bed bugs, there may be better options that include bed bug-specific insecticides and biopesticides.

Ticks vs bed bugs?

Ticks vs bed bugs are similar in body size and shape as they are both flat and oval with no wings.  There are differences though.  Ticks have eight legs while bed bugs have only six legs.  Bed bugs are reddish brown in color whereas ticks, depending on the species, can range from black to brown.

Ticks prefer to live outdoors and come inside on a host while bed bugs prefer to live indoors.

Bed bugs pictures actual size?

Google “bed bugs pictures actual size” and you can get thousands of results to determine how big bed bugs are.  A good frame of reference for adult bed bugs is an apple seed.  Adult bed bugs can grow as large as about 3/16 in length.

Bed bug eggs and baby bed bugs, or nymphs, are much more difficult to see with the naked eye.

Do bed bugs bite dogs?

Unlike ticks, bed bugs don’t usually choose dogs as their host.  But bed bugs can bite dogs and other household pets, including cats. Bed bug bites on dogs can be similar to flea bites on dogs causing itching and raised bumps on the skin.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you may find signs of bed bugs before you see live bed bugs.

What temperature kills bed bugs?

High temperatures will kill bed bugs in as little as 20 minutes if exposed to 118 degrees of heath.  For lower temperatures, like 113 degrees, it can take a couple of hours.  Bed bug eggs need even higher temperatures to be affected at 125 degrees.

High temperatures are not the only way to kill bed bugs. Zero degrees freezing temperature will also kill bed bugs.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Where do bed bugs come from?  As bed bugs are excellent travelers, bed bugs can come into your home in a number of ways: recently purchased used furniture,  a kid’s backpack from school, woman’s purse, luggage from a recent vacation or business trip are just a few ways.

Bed bugs can also get into your home while hitching a ride on you in your clothing or hair.

Can bed bugs get in your hair?

Bed bugs are attracted to humans two ways, by exhaled CO2 while sleeping and body warmth.    Bed bugs unlike ticks do not live on their hosts full-time to feed.  Bed bugs hide during the day and come out at night to feed, then go back into hiding.

So can bed bugs get in your hair?  Yes, they can while actively feeding; however, they would not live there when not feeding.  Bed bug bites can be found on the scalp and neck, though.

Dead bed bugs?

After treating your home for bed bugs, you may notice a large number of dead bed bugs grouped together.  What do dead bed bugs look like?  At first, dead bed bugs will look shriveled up.  Over time, only the bed bug shells remain.

Are dead bed bugs a good sign?  Yes, if your home was recently treated, the presence of dead bed bugs means the treatment worked.  But bed bugs are excellent at hiding and there could be more live bed bugs waiting nearby.

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