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What Is the Best Bed Bug Spray To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Quickly?

Dealing with bed bugs is no stranger. They tend to spread everywhere, from mattress and carpet to furniture and even your favorite bags. If only removing them is as simple as spraying a can of cockroach spray. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Bed bug infestation is notoriously tricky to mitigate or dispose of entirely. You will need a specific formula at your disposal.               

Don’t get panic if you wake up the next day with these insects invading your home. Neither takes it too lightly because when left untreated, it can put your health at risk and drain your bank account. The bed bug spray is a commonly used treatment, which could either be made from chemicals or natural ingredients.

Common FAQ’s About Bed Bug Sprays

1.What is the best bed bug spray?

2.Bed bug spray walmart?  Does it work?

3.Ortho bed bug spray? How good is it?

4.Bed bug spray Home Depot? Is is effective?

Bed Bug Sprays: Natural vs. Chemical

Homeowners are definitely divided regarding this matter. Each has an opinion and particular experience to share. Some prefer chemical sprays for instant and effective results, while others favor natural methods, whether as a personal preference or to protect children and pets from potentially harmful substances.

Natural Cleaning Spray

Specific solutions claim to fight off bedbugs, with alcohol and essential oils as the most popular.

  • Rubbing alcohol has been used for repelling bites and killing insects, including bedbug infestation. It causes them to die with direct contact. While this solution doesn’t tarnish furniture and garments, you might as well test it out first in a small area.
  • Essential oil sprays, like peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and lemongrass oil, contain insecticide components that can help reduce the bedbug population. Simply fill up an empty spray bottle with water and any combination of essential oils. Spray a good amount under your bed linen, mattress, box spring, or any spoiled areas.

The Problem With Natural Bed Bug Spray 

Sure, these DIY spray treatments can work, but not as effective as chemical treatments. We also found some intriguing drawbacks of using either method.

A 90% or greater rubbing alcohol can effectively kill bedbugs. However, this level of concentration can pose harm to your health and even cause a fire hazard. So, not entirely advisable to use it. Some studies also assert that only half of the bed bugs were removed after being sprayed with alcohol.

Most oils do not generate results either and could cause danger when used. The tea tree oil, for example, is hazardous for the health of small dogs and cats.

Chemical Bed Bug Sprays

It is an insecticide-based spray that can kill bedbugs in just minutes when it comes into contact. It provides up to 48 hours of lasting effect. It is essential to look for a commercially approved product (EPA-registered) and specifically intended for bedbugs. Pyrethroids and pyrethrins are the most regularly used compounds, followed by desiccants, biochemicals, pyrroles, and Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Make sure to follow the instructions carefully when using the solution.

The Problem With Chemical-Based Bed Bug Spray

As we all know, these over-the-counter chemical sprays come with dangerous toxicity levels, which will usually require homeowners to evacuate the area until the spray evaporates. When used in large quantities, they can spoil your electronics, wooden surfaces, and essential documents. Your clothes are no exception – leaving chemical deposits.

Similar to essential oils, chemical sprays cannot guarantee infestation removal. There are products with a flushing effect, which means you are spreading the infestation further than eliminating it.

Get The Bed Bug Experts Involved   

Most of you may be tempted to do the job on your own. After all, what you have to do is spray on the spot where bed bugs reside, right? Well, not really. You may be doing more harm than good. Even the best bedbug sprays have solid chemical odors that could be highly detrimental (or worst, fatal) to animals and kids. Hiring a pest management company is your safest alternative.

There’s nothing faster and more effective at killing bed bugs than having the trained professionals. By giving them access to your furniture, walls, closets, and areas where these tiny bloodsuckers usually rest, they can guarantee to restore your home’s serenity and overall comfort. Most companies provide customized bed bug spray treatments according to individual needs and budgets.

Part of the process includes conducting a thorough inspection, determining and confirming the source of an infestation, carrying out the necessary treatment, and then reviewing this treatment to check its success. The specialists can also suggest precautionary measures.

They have various tools available, from conventional mechanical treatments (e.g., vacuuming, clothing) to heat and chemical treatments. You can either choose one or combine multiple pieces of equipment for a more efficient outcome.

Homeowners cannot expect complete elimination of insects and get over the issue once the infected area is sprayed on the first time unless you have a minimal infestation. Bedbugs are generally tough to tackle, which may require pest control companies to have at least two treatment sessions.


It is no doubt that bed bugs are among the notorious enemies of any home. They are petite and smart insects that have a tendency to multiply quickly, which makes them very difficult to get rid of. Some of the signs of infestation include rusty-colored stains on mattresses, itchy, red swellings throughout the body, and a stale odor. You surely do not want to let this issue go out of hand, do you?

In any case, you can try these chemical and non-chemical methods to eliminate the stress of dealing with bed bugs. The process may take several months. But it will depend on the scale of infestation. If you have tried every solution, but still nothing works or simply aim for a faster approach, now could be the best time to call in an experienced exterminator.

Other than a spray insecticide, Synergy2 may also offer a dust insecticide to treat constricted areas and holes, as well as a residual insecticide for furniture, crevices, and crooks. Alternatively, you can opt for steam treatment (or whole room heating), where the infected room will be heated for a maximum of 145 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bugs. Along with genetic knowledge of bedbugs, in-depth experience, and specialized tools, we can eliminate these unwanted guests in your home permanently.

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