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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like and Other Bed Bug FAQ’s

Scabies vs bed bugs?

Scabies vs bed bugs, what’s the difference?  Both are parasites that like to feed on humans.  Scabies burrow into human skin where they live and reproduce.  Bed bugs feed on humans, usually while sleeping, then hide in areas of the home(especially the bedroom) during daylight hours.

Scabies mites will cause intense itching and are nearly invisible to the human eye.

Bed bugs vs mosquito bites?

Bed bug bites and mosquito bites can look similar.  So how do you tell the difference bed bug bites vs mosquito bites?  Bed bug bites may look like a small raised pimple whereas mosquito bites can look like a welt on the skin.  Additionally bed bug bites can appear as a line of multiple bites. 

Bed bug bites normally occur on exposed areas of skin while sleeping including: arms, neck, and legs.  Because mosquitoes can bite through clothing, mosquito bites can occur anywhere on the body.

Black beetle bed bugs?

Having a hard time distinguishing between black beetles and bed bugs?  Black beetles that may look like bed bugs include larder beetles, carpet beetles, and skin beetles.  With the exception of a bed bug that has recently fed, bed bugs are not black in color.  Adult bed bugs are brown to reddish brown.

Carpet beetles differ from bed bugs in that carpet beetles have antennae and hard exoskeletons.

Ticks that look like bed bugs?

Ticks and bed bugs look very similar in both shape and size.  Ticks and bed bugs do not have wings, are oval shaped, and usually darker in color.  If you are able to compare close up, ticks have 8 legs compared to 6 legs for bed bugs.

Another key difference is ticks like to feed on wildlife, including pets, while bed bugs’ preferred host is humans.

Signs of bed bugs on walls?

Often a resident may not see live bed bugs before they notice signs of bed bugs on mattresses, sheets, furniture, carpet and walls.  So what are signs of bed bugs on walls?

Bed bugs feed on human blood and their excrement is dark-colored to almost black in color.

The most common sign of bed bugs on walls is stains from bed bug poop.  This can look  like flecks of brown or black or larger bed bug poop spots.  Bed bugs like to hide during the day, including behind baseboards and ceiling trim on walls.  So the signs you see of bed bug excrement on walls may be close to either the baseboards or ceiling trim.

Tiny bugs not bed bugs?

Adult bed bugs can be identified by their color(reddish brown), shape(oval), and size(about the size of an apple seed).  But what are tiny bugs that are not bed bugs but look similar?  There are a number of insects that look like bed bugs but aren’t.

These include: cockroach nymphs, carpet beetles, bat bugs, ticks, fleas, and booklice.

Baby bed bugs look like?

Baby bed bugs can be difficult to spot but are visible to the human eye.  While adult bed bugs grow up to the size of about an apple seed, baby bed bugs are much smaller.  Baby bed bugs evolve from bed bug eggs.  Bed bug eggs are so tiny that may not be easy to spot.

Baby bed bugs first nymph stage start off as whitish in color.  As they grow and progress through other stages, bed bugs become darker reddish-brown in color.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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