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The Strange Outdoor Pests Around Your Mississippi Home

There are many outdoor pests around Mississippi which can invade your home and apartment. While some of these pests are generally harmless, they do tend to be a nuisance for Mississippi homeowners. From pill bugs and camel crickets to dobson flies and cicadas – Mississippi has a list of strange outdoor pests that can either be dangerous, creepy, loud, or just annoying.

What are these strange pests that you are seeing around your Mississippi home? What can you do to prevent them from invading your home? Below are eight strange and common Mississippi insects. This article is going to help you understand which of these pests are harmful or harmless and how to get rid of them in and around your home. 

Rollie Pollie Pillbug

The rollie pollie or pill bug can be considered a harmless pest. They are cute and curious little creatures. They are not fast movers and quite easy to catch. The pillbug has plated armor similar to that of an armadillo and can roll up into small and neat balls. Children love rollie pollie pill bugs as they are easy to handle and a wonderful way to introduce the world of nature and insects.

The common pillbug has many different names depending on the region they are found. In the area of Mississippi, they are known as rollie pollies. Are rollie-pollie pill bugs considered pests? Pill bugs cannot sting and do not bite. Their diet consists of feeding on decaying plant material, and they are considered to be beneficial towards the eco-system because they help recycle nutrients. Pill bugs can cause minor damage to plants as they feed on seedling sand fruits that are close to the soil.

You can prevent and control pill bugs by minimizing leaf litter such as decaying organic matter and avoiding excessive moisture around your garden. You do this by simply raking away mulch and leaves. Alternatively, you can purchase bug and slug baits from companies. This is used to control pill bugs and slugs around your garden. 


Silverfish are common in most Mississippi homes. For homeowners in Mississippi, they are a troublesome pest as they damage old book bindings, photographs, and stored papers. Silverfish are typically found in dark and humid areas of a home. Silverfish are drawn to starchy and cotton substances such as glue, cotton, linen or silk clothing. They are harmless to humans although their presence is considered a nuisance to most homeowners.

You can control silverfish with moisture and sanitation management. Also take some of the following steps to get rid of silverfish in your home. Repair water leaks in your home, vacuum consistently, and avoid excessive clutter. Alternatively, you can use aerosol insecticides that assist in providing residual control of silverfish. 

Camel Cricket 

A camel cricket derives its name from the round hump on its back and that they thrive in arid conditions. Camel crickets have long antennas which explore the air in front of them. They boast a long and powerful set of back legs which allow them to quickly escape predators by jumping many feet away.

Camel crickets do not bite or sting. Albeit the camel crickets make first-time observers afraid of them and they can be mistaken for spiders. Their diet consists of various leaves, fruits, roots, fungi, and other dead insects. They can be found in dark and damp places such as under leaves, rocks, and loose tree bark.

Dobson Fly

A male Dobson fly’s large mandibles can make first-time viewers alert and cautioned however it is the females that have a painful bite. While the male Dobson fly is considered harmless as they cannot bite, in contrast, the females have a short jaw with large pincers.

The Dobson fly diet mainly consists of small fish, tadpoles, and other larvae. They can bite and you should be cautious when around this insect.


A sowbug is a tiny crawler in the isopod family. They are similar to pill bugs as they also have an armored exterior however they do not roll up to protect themselves. Sowbugs can be found under large rocks, logs, leaf litter, and stones. They prefer moist and dark areas.

Sowbugs cannot sting nor bite and are not considered a troublesome pest nor harmful. You can prevent and control infestations of sowbugs by removing any leaf litter and debris as well as maintaining a dry interior.


Earwigs have the common misconception that they are going to crawl into your ear canal and bite you. Although, the earwig, like most insects, is far more afraid of us humans and is more likely to clear and run away. Earwigs only slightly damage plants and its fierce looking rear pincers are more for show that for an actual harmful attack.

The known diet for an earwig is mainly other small insects, plants, human food, and grain. You can prevent unwanted earwigs in your home by eliminating their hiding spots. Other methods to control the insects are cleaning up, eliminating moist soil, and trimming the branches in and around your home thus removing damp and shady areas.


A cicada is a large flying insect that can look quite threatening but a generally harmless to humans and mainly focus on reproduction. Cicadas do not bite and cannot sting. They are known for the loud noise they make, which serves as a mating call to reproduce. Cicadas are considered a nuisance as they gather together in large numbers.


Slugs are not considered a harmful nor threatening pest. Slugs can, however, cause damage to plants by chewing holes in the plants leaves or flowers. Slugs feed mainly on a cloudy day or at night and leave a trail of slime wherever they go.

Baits that contain metaldehyde or iron phosphate tend to be an effective preventative measure against slugs. The limiting of slugs preferred living conditions is another way to control slugs in your home. These living conditions include leaf litter, heavy accumulations of mulch and refuge sites like stones and rocks. 

The Bottom Line

No homeowner in Mississippi wants to spend their summer day dealing with troublesome insects. There is a large variety of insects which can become unwanted invaders. Typically, these strange outdoor pests can be control through preventions such as eliminating clutter, entry elimination, habitat reduction and just general cleaning around your home. Feel free to comment below for any questions or queries. 

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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