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Synergy Pest Answers Your Jackson, MS Pest Control Questions

What is the best way to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats?  Best flea treatment?

Getting rid of fleas on dogs and cats involves a multi-faceted approach to be 100% successful.

Flea treatments for your pet should be scheduled at the same time as flea treatments for your home and lawn.  Flea treatments at the vet can vary and may consist of oral meds, topical meds and baths.

Flea treatments at the home are divided into interior and exterior treatments.  Exterior treatments of your lawn and shrubs involves the use of granular or liquid insecticides with an IGR or insect growth regulator.  IGRs disrupt fleas ability to breed.  Interior treatments may include the use of liquid insecticides, insecticide dusts, and insecticide foams.

What are flying ants?  Are flying ants different than termites with wings?

Ants and termites are different; however the winged version of both can look very similar.  In termites, the winged termite is an elate or reproductive.  Winged termites are typically seen in spring and early summer as they emerge from the nest to establish new colonies.

Winged ants are different from termites in the following ways:

1.Winged ants have a narrow waist, whereas termites have a broad waist

2.Winged ants have 2 different sized sets of wings whereas termites have 2 sets of the same sized wings.

3.Winged ants have elbowed antennae whereas termites have straight antennae

What do carpet beetles look like and how do you get rid of carpet beetles?

The most common carpet beetle is the varied carpet beetle.  Varied carpet beetles have a distinctive look with their multi-colored oval shape bodies.  Varied carpet beetles are destructive household pests because of their larvae.  The larvae feed on paper items, fabrics such as wool, and carpets.

To get rid of carpet beetles, a number of methods are effective including: boric acid, DE, insecticide sprays and insecticide dusts.

What is the best bed bugs treatment?

Getting rid of bed bugs permanently may be best left to pest professionals.  Because of bed bugs ability to hide and their growing resistance to traditional insecticides, homeowners may find it very difficult to get rid of bed bugs on their own.

Bed bug treatments include insecticides, bio-pesticides such as Aprehend, heat treatments, and sanitation.  If you choose to use insecticides, be aware that bed bugs are starting to become resistant to some of the older insecticides sold at the big box stores.  Newer options such as Crossfire may help minimize bed bug resistance.

Bed bug heat treatments can be very expensive and are for professionals only.

What scent will keep mice and rats away?  What is the best mice repellent?

If you have a mouse or rat problem in your home, attempting to repel them is probably not going to work.  Mice and rat infestations create serious problems in homes including chewing through electrical wires, contaminating insulation with feces, and transmitting a number of diseases.

To get rid of rats or mice quickly consider trapping them yourself or hiring a professional exterminator.  If you would first like to try repellents, essential oils such as peppermint oil or peppers such as cayenne pepper may be good first choices.

What do termites look like?

There are two types of termites you are likely to encounter when they are above ground out of their nests.  The first and most recognizable are termite swarmers, or termites with wings.  These are the reproductive termites leaving the colony to establish a new colony.  The second is the worker/solider cast termite.  These termites are responsible for protecting and providing for the colony.  You may see them emerging from mud tubes or in damaged wood.

Termites have soft bodies and can grow up to 1/2 inch long.  They have thick waists and straight antennae, although they may look similar to ants.  Some termites are translucent while others are grey to brown in color.

If you’re looking for the right team to handle the issue for you, Synergy² is here to help. We provide trusted services throughout the area, so contact us for the best pest control services around.

Feel free to read more about us and decide if Synergy² is the right company for you.  We have over 270 Five-Star Google reviews for pest control service in the Jackson metro area (Jackson/Madison/Brandon/Ridgeland). Check out our newest location reviews for pest control service in Jackson, MS here at Synergy² Jackson Pest Control!

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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