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Synergy Jackson Pest Control FAQ’s: March 15, 2022

How to get rid of rats in house fast?

While rat poison is highly effective at killing rats quickly, it is also extremely dangerous.  In most cases rat poison should only be used as a last resort by a pest professional.  Accidental poisonings of humans, pets, and non-target wildlife can occur.  When rat poison is used, it must be contained in locked rat bait stations to prevent accidental poisonings.

Getting rid of rats in the house fast involves several steps.  First, identify points of entry and schedule structural repairs to keep new rats from coming in.  Next, use rat snap traps and rat glue boards to catch rats inside the home.  Some rat glue traps come pre-baited, if not, rotate baits until you find a bait most attractive to the rats.

What are earwigs?

Earwigs may look scary but they are not dangerous to humans.  Earwigs feed mainly on dead and decaying matter.  At 3/4 in length and dark brown in color, the scariest part of earwigs is the large pinchers on the rear of their bodies.  These large pinchers are not used aggressively to attack other insects and humans.  The pinchers are there simply as a defense mechanism from predators.

The best way to get rid of earwigs inside your home is to figure out how they are getting in.  Once determined, sealing cracks, crevices, and replacing door and window weather stripping should help reduce the number of earwigs inside your home.  Insecticides, either in liquid or dust form, are effective against earwigs.

Best wasp exterminator near me?

If you have a stinging pest problem, finding a pest control company that specializes in stinging pest removal is essential.  Wasp exterminators will first assess your property to determine the type of wasp you are dealing with as well as identify all wasp nests.  Removal of all wasp nests is key to making sure new wasps do not try to re-infest old nests.

Quick-acting immediate kill insecticides are used to kill wasps on the nest.  After that long-acting residual insecticides and insecticide dusts can help kill additional wasps when they attempt to return to the nest. To find the best wasp exterminator, google “best wasp exterminator near me.”

How to get rid of squirrels in attic?

Attempting to rid your attic of squirrels can be frustrating for any homeowner.  Getting rid of squirrels quickly is a must as squirrels are notorious for chewing through electrical wiring and creating fire hazards.  The most important step you can take is to hire a contractor to make structural repairs and prevent new squirrels from entering the home.

At the same time as structural repairs begin, it is usually necessary to hire a pest control company specializing in wildlife to trap and remove squirrels.  Depending on the number of squirrels living in your attic, trapping can take several visits.  After squirrel trapping and structural repairs have been completed, granular and liquid versions of coyote and fox urine may be useful in deterring squirrels from chewing through newly repaired parts of your home and attic.

What is the lifespan of a fly?

Most homeowners think if they ignore a fly infestation, most flies will die within 1 to 2 days.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Flies continue to breed and what starts as a small fly infestation can quickly grow out of control.  So what is the lifespan of a fly?

The lifespan of a fly depends on the species of fly infesting your home.  Common flies found indoors include fruit flies, drain flies, and fungus gnats. House flies live up to a month.  Fruit flies can live indoors up to 2 months.  Drain flies have the shortest lifespan at approximately 14 days.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Where do bed bugs come from when they infest your home?  Bed bugs come into your home in a number of ways including: luggage, travel from a recent vacation or business trip, backpacks, clothing, and a recent used furniture purchase to name a few.  Bed bugs are excellent travelers and can get into your home quite easily.

The first time homeowners recognize bed bugs in the home are often signs of bed bugs, and not bed bugs themselves, including: bites on skin, blood spots on sheets or mattresses, and shed bed bug skins.  Getting rid of bed bugs can be difficult and often requires the services of a pest company that specializes in bed bug extermination.

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