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Synergy Jackson Pest Control FAQ’s: February 20, 2022

What kills rats instantly? Rat poison?

Killing rats quickly is a goal of most homeowners experiencing a rodent infestation.  Killing rats with poison is both highly effective and highly dangerous.  If rat poison is used, it must be replaced in locked rodent bait stations inaccessible to humans, pets, and other non-target wildlife.  Rat poison must be used with extreme caution inside a home.

Single-feed rat poisons are intended to kill rats after they consume a single dose.  Multi-feed rat poisons allow rats to continue to feed for a period of time before dying.  Both types of rat poisons are effective.  What is more important in choosing a rat poison is finding one that attracts rats to feed on it.

Do silverfish bite?

Silverfish are strange looking, wingless insects.  Similar looking to centipedes, silverfish have long antennae and a three-pronged tail.  Silverfish are found in homes with higher moisture content.  Silverfish feed on polysaccharide-containing items including: books, clothing, bindings, glue, coffee, paper, and plaster.  Anything containing adhesives they will eat.

Fortunately silverfish do not pose a danger to humans.  Silverfish do not bites humans or pets and are considered harmless.  To get rid of silverfish, sanitation is required.  Remove all food sources for silverfish from the home.  Dehumidifiers may be necessary to get rid of dampness and moisture.  After that, insecticide sprays and dusts can help control any remaining silverfish.

Yellow jacket removal? Best exterminator for yellow jackets?

Yellow jacket and yellow jacket nest removal should be done with extreme caution.  Yellow jackets are aggressive, especially when defending their nests, so proper caution and protective equipment should be used.  Yellow jackets stings are very painful and can induce anaphylaxis if susceptible individuals.  

Yellow jackets commonly nest in the ground.  Finding all ground nests and treating them with liquid and/or dust insecticides should be done during the evening when yellow jackets have returned to the nest and are less aggressive.  Yellow jacket exterminators are recommended when removing yellow jacket nests.

What does seeing baby roaches mean?

Seeing small, baby cockroaches can be a sign of a rapidly growing cockroach infestation.  Baby cockroaches, also called nymphs, are smaller versions of adult cockroaches sometimes starting off as white in color.  Cockroaches are prolific breeders with a single female cockroach capable of producing 6 oothecae each year with up to 30-40 eggs each.

To get rid of cockroaches and slow down their breeding, professional pest control may be necessary, especially if German roaches are the culprit.  Sanitation is a critical first step before pest treatments.  Removing food, water, and harborage attracting cockroaches to your home is essential.  Once sanitation measures have been completed, there are a number of methods which can be used including insecticide dusts, insecticide sprays, glue boards, insect growth regulators, and cockroach baits.

Squirrel droppings, how are squirrel droppings different from rat droppings?

Rodent droppings in your home or attic could be from just a single squirrel or rat or it may be a sign of a serious infestation.  Rodents such as squirrels and rats like to find protected places to raise their young and attics make a perfect nesting place.  In addition to the mess they create, squirrels and rats can chew through electrical wiring creating a fire hazard.

Rat poop is up to 3/4 inches in length and pellet-shaped.  Rats defecate at a higher rate that other wildlife so you may find large numbers of droppings.  Squirrel poop is slightly smaller at 3/8 inches in length and is round and cylindrical in shape.

How to get rid of rats?

Getting rid of rats quickly can be difficult.  Pest professionals may use rat poisons along with other measures; however, homeowners should try to avoid rat poisons if at all possible.  Accidental poisonings of humans, pets, and other non-target wildlife can occur.

Getting rid of rats involves several steps.  First trap or kill all rats inside the home or business.  After that complete structural repairs to prevent rats from re-infesting the home.  The best rat traps for most homeowners to use include rat glue traps, rat snap traps, and live-catch traps.

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