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Synergy Jackson Pest Control FAQ’s: February 11, 2022

How do bed bugs start?

Waking up to bites from bed bugs can be alarming.  But how did bed bugs start?  How did bed bugs get into your home in the first place?  Bed bugs start or enter a home in a number of different ways including: luggage and/or clothing from a business trip or vacation, recently purchased used furniture, kid’s backpacks, purses or briefcases, and hotels.

It is difficult to control bed bugs by the do-it-yourself method.  Bed bugs are excellent at hiding during the day until they detect CO2 at night to come out and feed. Bed bugs hide in the seams of mattresses, in furniture, under carpets and rugs, behind baseboards, inside outlet covers, and behind drapes and curtains.

Chipmunk poop vs squirrel poop. How to tell the difference?

Finding signs of pests in your attic, including pest poop, can be disconcerting.  In addition to not wanting to share your home with other wildlife, some pests are known for their ability to damage homes.  Squirrels are notorious for chewing through siding and even electrical wiring in attics.  Chipmunks are another type of wildlife that commonly invades attics.

So, you find pest poop in your attic and the next question is what is it?  Chipmunk poop? Squirrel poop? Other type of wildlife poop?  Chipmunk poop is pellet-sized poop and the bacteria it contains can infect humans if inhaled.  Chipmunk poop is also tiny at under 1/2 inch with pointed ends.  After accurately identifying chipmunk poop, trapping and/or structural repairs will be necessary.

What poison kills rats instantly?

Rat poisons are highly effective under the supervision of a licensed pest professional at killing rats quickly.  Rat poisons used by homeowners with little experience are a huge risk.  Accidental poisonings of humans, pets, and other non-target wildlife can occur.  Rat poisons should never be placed in open areas accessible to humans and pets and always be in locked rodent bait stations.

What poison kills rats instantly?  Rat poison brand names that kill rats quickly include: Contrac, Fastrac, Terad3, Ditrac, Talon, and Selontra.  Types of rat poisons include single feed and multi-feed poisons.  Poison bait rotation may be necessary to continue to provide a bait that rats will consume.

How to get rid of earwigs?

Earwigs are strange-looking insects with large pinchers on the rear of their body.  Fortunately earwigs do not bite humans nor do they pose a risk to humans.  Earwigs can pinch if threatened but do not bite.  

If you have an earwig problem it is likely you also have a moisture problems.  Earwigs love to live and breed in areas with high humidity and moisture.  Earwigs mostly live outdoors under wet leaves and brush.  The most common place to find earwigs inside your home is in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.  To get rid of earwigs, first identify and correct all moisture problems in and around the home.  After that liquid and dust insecticides can be used to eliminate any remaining earwigs.

What does squirrel poop look like?

Finding rodent or wildlife droppings in your attic is cause for concern.  Depending on the type of animal you are dealing with, damage to wood and siding, electrical wiring, and other structural parts of your home is a real possibility.  Determining what type of invader you are dealing with is key, especially if it is squirrels.  Squirrels are notorious for sharpening their teeth on things inside the attic such as electrical wiring.

So what does squirrel poop look like? Squirrel droppings are up to 3/8 inch in length and start off dark in color.  Squirrel droppings are pellet-shaped which may look similar to droppings from other types of animals, especially rats.

Bat removal, how to get rid of bats in attic?

Bat removal can be expensive; however getting rid of bats in your attic is essential as bat guano is extremely dangerous to humans.  Bat guano can contain histoplasmosis which is transmitted to humans through the air from bat guano or dust from bat guano cleanup.

To get rid of rats, first identify the areas where bats are getting in to the attic.  Next install one-way bat arms to allow bats to safely leave the attic and not return.  Bats are a federally-protected species so killing them is not advised.  After all bats have left the attic, complete structural repairs to keep them out for good.

Where do gnats come from?

Gnat is a generic term used to refer to a number of tiny flying insects, the most common of which are fruit flies, drain flies, and fungus gnats.  Gnats require moisture and/or organic matter to live and breed.  So where do gnats come fromBased on this, the most common places to find gnats inside your home are in kitchens, bathrooms, and areas of the home with potted plants.

Drain flies are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms breeding in sinks and drains.  Fungus gnats are most likely to be found around potted plants with most soil.  Fruit flies live and breed in organic matter, garbage, and rotting fruit and are common in kitchens around drains and garbage receptacles.

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