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Synergy Jackson Pest Control FAQ’s About Getting Rid of Rats

Difference between a Norway rat and a roof rat?

Norway and roof rats look similar but both have distinguishing characteristics.  Determining which type of rat you have will help in developing a plan to get rid of them.  Norway and roof rats enter homes in different ways and are attracted to different types of bait.

Norway rats, or brown rats, are larger at up to 10 inches in length.  Roof rats, or black rats, are a little smaller but with much longer tails.  Effective trapping of both roof rats and Norway rats depends on selecting the most attractive bait for each species.

Do rat glue traps work?

When experiencing a rat infestation, the first thought is to use rat poison.  Unfortunately, rat poison is extremely dangerous when not used properly exposing non-target animals, pets, and humans to accidental poisonings.  Rat traps, especially rat glue traps can be very effective.

Rat glue traps are pre-baited traps that lure rats in and capture them on the glue-containing trays.  Once a rat is trapped on the glue board, simply dispose of the trap.  For rat traps that are not baited with an attractant, consider using peanut butter, dried fruit, hot dogs, or candy.

What kills rats instantly?

Snap traps and electric traps kill rats instantly.  Other effective options to get rid of rats include rat poison, rat glue boards, and rat live traps.  For most homeowners, rat poison should be a last resort.  Rat poison can be highly effective but is also dangerous.  Non-target poisoning of humans, pets and other animals can occur.

For a quick kill, rat snap traps are both safe and effective.  Proper placement of the traps and choosing the correct bait are both essential to attracting and killing rats.  Rats can be trap-shy so pre-baiting the traps, before setting them, is recommended to allow rats to become comfortable around the traps.

Best bait for rats?

The best bait for rats can vary depending on the type of rat you are dealing with.  Norway rats prefer foods such as peanut butter, dried fruit, bacon, hot dogs, chocolate, and candy.  Roof rats prefer foods including nuts, insects, and berries.  For both types of rats, nesting materials may be used as bait too.

Rats can be trap shy or averse.  Often, the best course of action is to pre-bait.  Allow rats to eat the bait before setting traps.  Bait rotation may be necessary too to keep rats interested in the baits you are using.

What is a roof rat?

Roof rats are among the most common pest control issues faced by homeowners and business owners.  Roof rats are darker in color than the other rat that invades our homes, Norway rats.  In addition to their darker color, roof rats have much longer tails than Norway rats.  

To get rid of roof rats for good, first eliminate all points of entry including removing limbs and bushes close to the home that can allow them access.  After all entry points have been secured or repaired, trapping and rat poison are two of the best options to get rid of roof rats quickly.

What is a Norway rat?

Norway rats, along with roof rats, are two of the most common types of rats that invade homes and commercial properties.  Norway rats, although they have poor vision, have excellent senses of smell, hearing, and touch.  Damage from Norway rats can be severe if they chew through electrical wiring and/or wood.

Signs of a Norway rat infestation including rat droppings, gnaw marks, and greasy rub marks along their trails.  Getting rid of Norway rats quickly can be accomplished in a couple of ways including trapping and rat poison.  After all rats have been exterminated, structural repairs may be necessary if there is damage to the property.

How to kill rats?  Rat traps or rat poison?

Rat traps and rat poison can be both very effective at getting rid of rats quickly in your home.  Of the two options, most homeowners should consider using rat traps.  Rat traps are a much safer option than rat poison.  Rat poison, in most cases, should be left to pest extermination companies specializing in rat extermination and rat removal.

There are a number of options for rat traps including: rat glue traps, rat snap traps, electrical traps, and live-catch traps.  Oftentimes, it can take trying several types of traps to figure out what works best in your situation.  Baiting the traps with bait that is attractive to rats is essential.

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