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Synergy Jackson Pest Control Answers Your Questions: September 3, 2021

Safe Options To Remove Bee Hives From Your Home?

Bees around the home are beneficial.  Honeybees are excellent pollinators and have a significant positive impact on the environment.  Unfortunately, bee hives close to or on your home can expose your family to risks of bee stings.  For most of us, bee stings are not a problem except for the sharp and temporary pain.  For those with stinging pest allergies, bee stings can be life-threatening.

In many areas of the country, beekeepers are a great first contact to safely remove bee hives from your property.  If you choose to try to remove a bee hive on your own, the best time to remove a bee hive is when bees have left the hive to collect pollen.  Most homeowners would be best served by contacting a professional pest control company specializing in the safe removal of bee hives.

What is the best bed bug spray to get rid of bed bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs often requires the help of a professional exterminator specializing in bed bug removal.  Bed bug sprays at the big box stores may kill the bed bugs you can say, but are not effective against bed bugs you can’t see.  Proper bed bug extermination is critical as early in the infestation as possible, due to bed bugs ability to rapidly reproduce.

Bed bug sprays are usually liquid forms of insecticides.  Bed bug sprays are either rapid-acting sprays or sprays with residuals.  Bed bug sprays that have residual action are preferred.  Residual bed bug sprays can last up to 90 days killing new bed bugs as they emerge from hiding.

How do I find the best exterminator near me in Jackson, MS?

Typing exterminator near me in a google search will give you a list of tons of companies providing pest and extermination services in the Jackson metro.  How do you decide the best exterminator to choose for the job?  There are over 100 choices of pest control companies in Jackson, MS.

First, go to the company’s website and click on the “about our company” section and the pest services page.  After that, look at the company’s customer reviews on Google, HomeAdvisor, Yelp and others.  Next contact the company and ask questions to help you best decide which exterminator can take care of your pest control needs.

How to tell is a spider is poisonous?

Most spiders you will encounter around your home are not dangerous.  Spiders are beneficial to have around as they feed on and reduce the insect pest population.  Identifying poisonous spiders is fairly simple.  The most common poisonous spiders or venomous spiders you may see in or around your Mississippi home include the black widow spider and brown recluse spider. 

Black widow spiders are known for the red or orange hourglass design on their thorax.  Black widow spiders also have shiny black bodies.  Brown recluse spiders are often identified by the violin-shaped symbol on their brown bodies.

Bed Bug Treatments and Bed Bug Treatment Costs?

Bed bug treatments are time, labor, and chemical-intensive and costs can run from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  The total cost can depend on the severity of the bed bug infestation as well as the bed bug treatment method used.

The most common bed bug treatments used in the U.S. are insecticides, bed bug heat treatments, and the newest treatment bio-pesticides.  The key to successfully getting rid of bed bugs quickly is not just the treatment method used, it is bed bug treatment preparation.  Pest control companies specializing in bed bug extermination will provide a customer with a list of preparation items that must be completed prior to treatment.

Bat removal options? How do I get rid of bats in attic?

Bats invading your home to live and breed can become a serious health issue for your family.  Bats create a mess with large amounts of bat guano.  But its not just a mess.  Exposure to bat guano by humans is dangerous due to histoplasmosis.

Getting rid of bats can be difficult.  All points of entry into the home or attic need to be identified including points of entry as small as 3/8 x 1 inch.  After that trapping bats or installing bat arms is essential to allow bats to leave the home.  Killing bats is not recommended as bats are a federally protected species.  After all bats have left the home, all points of entry need to be repaired and sealed.  Keep in mind, bats typically try to re-invade a home after removal.

Baby cockroaches: Does this mean I have a serious cockroach infestation?

Baby cockroaches in your home can be a sign of a serious infestation of cockroaches that will quickly grow out of control.  Cockroaches are prolific breeders laying up to 40 eggs per roach at a time.  German cockroaches can produce eggs every 4-6 weeks.

To get rid of cockroaches quickly, aggressive action is needed.  Cockroach baits in addition to cockroach sprays and dusts are often needed to take care of the cockroach infestation.  If you are dealing with German cockroaches, it may take a pest professional services to get rid of them for good.

Synergy² Pest Control Jackson MS

If you’re looking for the right team to handle the issue for you, Synergy² is here to help. We provide trusted services throughout the area, so contact us for the best pest control services around.

Feel free to read more about us and decide if Synergy² is the right company for you.  We have over 270 Five-Star Google reviews for pest control service in the Jackson metro area (Jackson/Madison/Brandon/Ridgeland). Check out our newest location reviews for pest control service in Jackson, MS here at Synergy² Jackson Pest Control!

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