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Synergy Jackson Pest Control Answers Your Questions: August 21, 2021

How to get rid of rats in the house fast?

Rats in your home are a serious issue that need to be dealt with immediately.  Female rats can have up to 6 litters of 5-10 pups every year so a small rat infestation can grow out of control.  Most people think of rat poison first as the best option to get rid of rats.  While highly effective in the hands of pest professionals, rat poison is extremely dangerous.  Rat poison, if consumed by non-target animals, pets, or humans, can be deadly.

A best first option for most homeowners to get rid of rats is the use of rat traps and rat glue boards.  Baiting the traps may require several days to determine which bait is most attractive to rats.  If rat traps do not help get the infestation under control, it may be time to call in a pest professional specializing in rat extermination.

Squirrel poop vs rat poop vs mouse poop? How to tell the difference?

Pest poop in your home can be disconcerting.  Proper identification of pest poop is critical to determining the best way to get rid of squirrels, rats, mice, or any other wildlife.  Pest poop is often the best way, other than visual identification of an animal, to figure out what type of problem you have.

Squirrel poop is round and cylindrical, light brown, and about 3/8 inch in length.  Rat poop can be as large as 3/4 inch and is often pellet-shaped.  Mouse poop is approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length and pellet-shaped.  After proper identification of the pest is made, trapping is often the best first option.

How to tell if a spider is poisonous?

Most spiders in Mississippi are harmless.  Spiders are beneficial to have around the home as they feed regularly on unwanted pest insects.  Killing spiders is not recommended; however, being aware of what types of spiders are poisonous is important.  

The most common poisonous spiders in Mississippi include the black widow, brown recluse, and wolf spider.  Some dangerous spiders are considered venomous while others are poisonous.  Black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and wolf spiders are usually non-aggressive and will only bite if provoked or disturbed.

Termite Treatment Costs and Termite Treatment Options?

Treatments for termites, both for prevention and active termite infestations, are expensive.  Unlike most other pests, termites live the majority of their lives underground.  Spraying for termites is not effective, only killing those termites that you can see or which leave their mud tubes to feed.

Termite treatments include the traditional soil treatment and newer termite bait station treatment.  Termite soil treatments involve digging around the entire foundation of your home and applying a liquid soil drench of termiticide.  Termite bait station treatments are the installation of termite bait stations at 15-20 foot intervals around the perimeter of the home.

Both types of termite treatments range from $1500-$3500.

Top signs I may have bed bugs?

Bed bugs may be difficult to find until the bed bug infestation has grown out of control.  Due to their tiny size and ability to hide, seeing live bed bugs is usually not the first sign  a homeowner will notice.  Checking for bed bugs includes looking for common signs of bed bugs.

Common signs of bed bugs include: blood or fecal stains on sheets and mattresses, bed bug shed skins, blood spots along ceiling and baseboard trim, a distinctive smell, bites on your body sometimes in a straight or zig-zag line.

What are palmetto bugs? Are palmetto bugs cockroaches?

Yes palmetto bugs are a type of cockroach and quite common in the U.S.  Common species of cockroaches include the American roach, German roach, Oriental roach, and Smoky Brown roach.  Palmetto bugs are a term that includes the American cockroach and Smoky Brown cockroach.

Palmetto bugs prefer to live outdoors but will come inside our homes in search of food or warmth and moisture.  Palmetto bugs are a larger species of cockroach growing up to 2 inches in length.  Getting rid of palmetto bugs involves removing favorable areas for breeding outdoors and insecticide treatments including liquid insecticides, dust insecticides, and cockroach baits.

How long do flies live on average?

Did you know many flies we deal with in Mississippi can live 30 days or even longer.  All the while continuing to rapidly reproduce and turn a small infestation into something much more serious and difficult to get rid of?  The lifespan of a fly depends on the fly species: houseflies 2-4 weeks, gnats 7-10 days, fruit flies up to 60 days.

Killing flies manually isn’t enough.  Disrupting a fly’s ability to reproduce is essential to break the cycle of a fly infestation.  After determining which type of fly you are dealing with, next put a plan in place to get rid of flies for good.  For some types of flies, including fungus gnats and fruit flies, this also includes treating their breeding sites to remove organic matter.

How to get rid of gnats quickly?

Gnats is a common term to describe a variety of small flying insects in the home.  Gnats can be drain flies, midges, fruit flies, fungus gnats, and buffalo gnats to name a few.  The most common gnats inside the home are fruit flies, drain flies, and fungus gnats.

To get rid of gnats for good, you must first identify the source of moisture or organic matter and eliminate it.  Once their breeding sites have been removed, gnats will slowly die off.  To get rid of gnats more quickly use insecticide sprays and drain treatments.

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