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Synergy Jackson Pest Control Answers Your FAQ’s: October 31, 2021

How do you get rid of bed bugs and other bugs in the bedroom?

Bugs in the bedroom are bad.  Bed bugs in the bedroom are really bad.  In addition to being very difficult to completely get rid of, bed bugs are prolific breeders.  A small bed bug infestation can quickly grow out of control into a large bed bug infestation.

Identifying the type of bug in your bedroom is critical.  For bedrooms this includes inspecting for signs of bed bugs on mattresses, mattress seams, furniture, carpet, picture frames and curtains.  Common signs of bed bugs include bed bugs themselves, bed bug fecal or blood stains, and shed skins of bed bugs.

To get rid of bed bugs quickly and for good, usually an exterminator specializing in bed bug treatments is the best option.

I have flying termites?  Do I need a termite inspection?

One of the first signs many homeowners recognize of a termite infestation of their home is flying termites.  Flying termites frequently show up in the spring and early summer around a home’s door frames and window frames.  Signs of fly termites also include shed termite wings.

Flying termites are alates, or reproductives of the termite colony.  Termite colonies are located below ground so finding signs of termites usually includes either termite damage or flying termites.  Flying termites are not destructive.  Their role is to leave the colony and establish new colonies around your home.

It is important to distinguish between flying termites and ants with wings.  Both can look similar, but the presence of flying termites is an issue that may need to be addressed quickly.

Scheduling a termite inspection with a company specializing in termite control is a great first step.

What is the difference between a false widow spider and a Black Widow spider?

Black widow spiders are among the most feared spiders in the world.  Easily identifiable with their shiny black bodies and distinctive red hourglass markings on the abdomen, Black Widow spiders are dangerous.  Fortunately, Black Widow spiders are not aggressive and tend to only bite when threatened.

A similar spider to Black Widow spiders is the false widow spider.  False widow spiders may look similar to black widows; however, their bite is not nearly as dangerous.  A false widow spider bite may cause a little pain but that is about all.  Female false widow spiders have shiny abdomens but usually have white bands instead of the distinctive red hour glass markings.

What are jumping spiders?  Do jumping spiders bite?

Jumping spiders are a common pest around our Mississippi homes.  Like most other spiders, jumping spiders are beneficial to have around as they feed on other insect pests.  Jumping spiders can bite but are not aggressive and will only bite if threatened.

Jumping spiders can be identified first but the obvious fact that they jump.  Most spiders do not have the ability to jump.  Jumping spiders are small and can be identified by the black and white colored bands on their bodies.  In the event a jumping spider makes it into your home through a crack or crevice, manually removing the spider is the best option.

What do German cockroaches look like? How to get rid of German cockroaches?

German cockroaches are small, light brown roaches with two dark lines on the back of their heads.  German cockroaches rarely get much larger than 1/2 whereas American cockroaches can grow up to 2 inches.  German cockroaches are indoor pests, most frequently found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Unfortunately, German cockroaches can be the worst cockroaches to find in your home.  German roaches rapidly reproduce, with females producing 40 eggs at a time and up to seven sets of offspring.   To get rid of German roaches, professional exterminators specializing in cockroach removal may need to be called in.

It usually takes a combination of methods to get rid of German cockroaches quickly and for good: sanitation, removal of sources of moisture, dust insecticides, liquid insecticides, insect growth regulators, and cockroach baits.

If you’re looking for the right team to handle the issue for you, Synergy² is here to help. We provide trusted services throughout the area, so contact us for the best pest control services around.

Feel free to read more about us and decide if Synergy² is the right company for you.  We have over 270 Five-Star Google reviews for pest control service in the Jackson metro area (Jackson/Madison/Brandon/Ridgeland). Check out our newest location reviews for pest control service in Jackson, MS here at Synergy² Jackson Pest Control!

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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