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Synergy FAQ’s About Spiders in MIssissippi

Why are there so many spiders in my house?

The presence of spiders both inside and outside of your house means there a large number of insects available for spiders to feed on.  Reducing the amount of insects around your home will also reduce the number of spiders.

Why are there so many spiders in my house?  Spiders enter your home looking for a food source.  Common ways for spiders to get into your house include: under door and window weatherstripping, through cracks in siding and trim, and through plumbing and air conditioning conduits.  

How to get rid of Brown Recluse spiders?

Brown Recluse spiders and Black Widow spiders are among the most dangerous venomous spiders in the U.S.  Brown Recluse spider bites are rare, though, due to their reclusive nature.  Brown Recluse prefer to hide in dark, undisturbed areas of the home and will only bite when provoked.

How to get rid of Brown Recluse spiders?  First, inspect all areas of your home conducive to Brown Recluse and remove clutter and potential hiding places.  After that, use a vacuum to get rid of any Brown Recluse you encounter.  Next, insecticide sprays and insecticide dusts applied in those areas can help manage any remaining Brown Recluse spiders.

What attracts spiders in the house?

There are a number of conditions inside your home that attract spiders in the house.  Some spiders prefer moist environments and are attracted to damp areas, basements, and crawl spaces.  Other spiders prefer dry environments and can be found in attics, hvac ducts, and may build webs in the top corners of a room.

To keep spiders out of your house, first cut back all bushes and remove clutter outside your home that may be attractive hiding spots for spiders.  Next check weather-stripping on doors and windows to insure spiders can’t get in that way.  After that, for the occasional spider that does make in indoors, consider applying an insecticide in liquid or dust formulation.

How do spiders get in the house?

Spiders can get in the house in a number of ways including: through cracks in doors, under weatherstripping of doors and windows, plumbing and electrical conduit, air vents, and any other small cracks in the home.

If there are only a few spiders inside your home, vacuuming is an option.  For more extensive spider infestations, liquid and dust insecticides are often necessary.

Tiny black spiders in house?

Tiny black spiders in the house could be a number of species including jumping spiders, black spiders, common house spiders, grass spiders, and cellar spiders.  Tiny spiders in the house could also be recently hatched baby spiders.

Female spiders lay a large number of eggs contained in an egg sac in undisturbed areas of the home.  Once hatched, you could suddenly see hundreds of tiny black spiders.  Spider control begins around the outside of your home first.  After that liquid and dust insecticides as well as vacuuming can help control spiders that make it inside your home.

How to get rid of Wolf spiders?

Similar to Brown Recluse spiders, Wolf spiders like to live in quiet, undisturbed parts of your home.  Wolf spiders are poisonous; however, they are not aggressive and only bite when provoked.  An effective plan to rid your home of Wolf spiders starts from the outside then in.

Outside, remove all harborage that may encourage Wolf spiders to choose your home.  Insecticide sprays and granular insecticides will help manage all insects, including spiders.  Inside, the use of liquid insecticides and insect glue boards will help get rid of Wolf spiders.

How to get rid of spiders in basement?

Basements are a perfect environment for spiders to live and breed.  Basements are typically dark and damp areas that are not disturbed often.  This creates the perfect place for spiders to feed on insects attracted to warmth and humidity.

To get rid of spiders in the basement, first use a de-webbing brush head to remove any spider webs.  Next treat the entire area with a liquid insecticide.  For parts of the basement where spiders frequently build webs, the addition of a dust insecticide may also prove beneficial.

How to get rid of spiders in car?

Spiders in a car are common during cooler months as spiders look for shelter from weather conditions.  Spiders in a car during the hot summer months are likely due to the high number of spiders around your home.

A great first step to get rid of spiders in a car is to vacuum the car thoroughly.  For any remaining spiders, an insecticide spray may be the best option.

How long do spiders live in a house?

 Wondering how long do spiders live in a  house?  Many spiders can live up to about a year inside a home.   One of the most frequent spiders seen in homes is the common house spider.  Female common house spiders may live for between 2 and 3 years.

But what about if spiders don’t have access to food or water?  Even without food and water spiders can live several months inside your home.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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