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Squirrel Droppings, Mouse Droppings, and Rat Droppings: Common Types of Pest Poop

Any paperwork in the office or school is stressful. But nothing is tougher and more frustrating than living in a home infested by pests.
What’s worrying is that some homeowners are unaware their property already has dangerous pests. So, knowing some signs of infestation can be a lifesaver.
Common signs of infestation usually include a buildup of dirt, strange smells, gnaw marks, holes, damaged plants, nesting, and strange sounds.
What if you do not experience any of these things? Does it mean your home is safe and not infested? Do not relax. Another thing you should look out for is a pest dropping, and there are many types of pest poop you should be aware of even if you have a hectic schedule.

Common FAQ’s about Pest Poop

What does squirrel poop look like?
Squirrel poop vs rat poop? What’s the difference?
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What do rat droppings look like?
Rat vs mouse droppings? How to tell the difference?
What do mouse droppings look like?
How to clean mouse droppings?

Squirrel Droppings

Squirrels are cute and cuddly. But they can be destructive and can pose a safety concern. Once they find a way to your attic, they would love to gnaw on live wires. If electric wires are exposed, they can put your residential property to fire, which you do not want to happen.
Squirrels can also ruin the curb value of your home. More than the electric wires, they create holes in the siding and fascia of any property, chew on roof shingles, and even damage your HVAC system, which could cause unexpected repair or replacement expenses.
What’s worse is that squirrels can pose a health risk to any family member in the household. A squirrel poop, in particular, apart from the smell, is a source of diseases, including salmonella and leptospirosis. Salmonella can cause gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and food poisoning, while leptospirosis can lead to extreme vomiting, stomach pains, fever, and headaches.
What does a squirrel poop look like? Well, they are round or cylindrical, which are 3/8 inches in length. They are light brown and have a unique smell. They are commonly found below trees or around bird feeders. It is also not uncommon to find squirrel feces inside your home, especially when they have access to food.

Mouse Droppings or Mouse Poop

Like squirrels, mice may be adorable for some. But, despite their small size, they can be a big headache for every homeowner in Mississippi and even other parts of the US.
One of the problems mice could cause is that they could make us sick. Aside from salmonella, they are a carrier of hantavirus and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Hantavirus is typically found in mice’s urine and feces, which is lethal to our health. Early signs of hantavirus are chills and fever. Without any quick medical treatment, hantavirus can cause shortness of breath, kidney damage, and death.
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, on the other hand, is a more serious neurological problem. It leads to the inflammation of the meninges that requires immediate medical attention.
It is also innate for mice to chew. For that reason, they might damage the drywall, gas lines, wires, plastic pipes, and insulation in your home. That’s why a regular home inspection should not be ignored. If you have damaged insulation or drywall because of mice, contact an experienced professional right away before other problems take place.
If squirrel poop is difficult to identify, mice feces are a different case. They are black but can be brown sometimes. They look like a pellet and can reach up to a half-inch.
Since mice are very curious rodents, they can infest any part of your home. They could live in cabinets, attic, or garage. So, you can find mice droppings anywhere on your property. You should also check under your beds and behind your cupboards. Also, it is important to clean your space even if you have a pile of projects to finish or hectic deadlines to meet.

Rat Droppings or Rat Poop

People are confused between rats and mice. But they are different. The former is bigger and heavier. They also look creepier and can put your family in danger.
Medical health professionals say that rats carry pathogens that transmit hantavirus and other diseases to humans.
Apart from rat’s urine, these pathogens can be transmitted thru the rodent’s droppings. Once they get dry and start to break up, these pathogens can be airborne, putting everyone in the household is a great danger.
So, if you see rat’s droppings at home, do not get rid of them yourself, especially when you do not have any prior experience. It is best to leave it to a certified, experienced and reputed professional like Synergy.
Like squirrels and mice, rats can also damage your home, particularly the wooden beams, plastic coatings on electrical wiring, insulation in crawl spaces, or anything they want to chew.
That’s why when you notice rat feces, do not leave them unattended for days or weeks. Remember that each female rat can have hundreds of babies annually, according to studies. That’s massive. What’s surprising is that they can leave approximately 25,000 droppings every year, and that is something you cannot take lightly.
In most cases, rat feces are bigger than mice’s. They are 3/4 inches in length and 1/4 inches in width. They are also pellet-shaped. They are commonly found in corners and dark places. You could find some behind your fridge or your cupboards.

Say Bye to Any of These Pests with Synergy

Who wants to live in a place infested by rats, mice, and squirrels? No one would love that. This is the reason most homeowners are tempted to deal with this problem themselves. Do not do the same thing, as there is a trustworthy professional to count on and trust.
Synergy is here to help you keep your home free of pests, safe, and comfortable at the same time. We are backed by people with an unparalleled commitment to providing quality and competitively priced pest removal services that can meet or exceed your expectations.
We know homeowners in Mississippi are different. That’s why we cater our solutions to the specific needs of our clients. For more information, please feel free to give us a call today. We will bring back the comfort, quality, and safety of your home as soon as possible without too many interruptions.

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