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Rat Traps: Which traps are best at trapping and killing rats?

Rats can chew their way through walls, electric wires, and unfortunately, rats can also chew your important documents. However, before it gets this extreme, you have to figure out the best rat traps for your home. Getting your home back to normal might seem like an impossible task right now, but don’t worry, you can get your house squeaky clean and void of rats quickly. Catching rats with rat traps is an effective way to get rid of rats once and for all. Most rat traps require frequent checking and re-positioning – that way, you get to know the instant it catches any rat.

Another major reason why you have to check traps set for rats frequently is that a trapped or even dead rat can attract another form of insects, which can in some cases cause infestation. That being said, let’s look at the best rat traps you can use in getting rid of rats in your home.

Live Traps for Rats

The design of live rat traps makes it one of the most effective rats trap ever. Live traps are designed to catch or trap rats when they take off the bait at the trigger. Live rat traps have a spring-loaded door that keeps any caught rat inside the cage. In some other types of live traps, the trap goes off as soon rats move across the trigger plates and captures the rat inside. Once your live trap catches any rat, ensure that you immediately dispose of it.

Rat Glue Traps

This is a type of live rat trap, and it’s very common. You can get it at any local store in your area. It is made with a wooden platform and is usually coated with adhesive on the surface. You can put this in your basement or any hidden place where rats pass through. Also, to make it easier, place any bait on the glue trap to further entice rats.

When rats get trapped in the glue trap, they often die of dehydration because the rat cannot be removed. While the glue trap may be one of the best rat traps, you can only use it once. Due to this reason, it’s not considered a 100% live trap.

Electric Traps for Rats

Rat electric traps are like electric cages. When rats enter the cage, a signal goes off, sending a lethal shock to the cage. When using this type of rat trap, you have to use a bait to entice rats to enter the cage.

Rat Bait Stations

These are usually constructed with hardened plastics. Most homeowners refer to this as the best rat trap because it can be used in open spaces without fear of causing harm to kids or pets in the house. This is especially true if the bait contains poison that is harmful to kids as well. Bait stations have small openings but large enough for rats to enter. However, when rats enter, they become trapped due to the poisoned rat bait inside and find it difficult to escape. In some cases, they end up leaving the bait station and probably die outside the house (they usually die inside, though).

There are two types of rat bait stations, refillable and non-refillable. And it usually comes with a rodenticide, so be sure that it is included in your package.

Rat Bait Trays

Bait tray can be used as a DIY project, or you can purchase it from any local store or supermarket in your area. When using bait trays, you need to be sure it’s in a safe area because it isn’t enclosed. So, you might want to think twice before going for this option. Now that you know the best rat traps to catch and kill rats quickly, you need to make sure your home doesn’t get infested by rats again.

To do that, you need to know what causes rats and how you can avoid it. Rats are typically attracted to homes because of food and shelter; who wouldn’t?

Rats always search for a good and hidden place to camp their tent and where food is easily accessible. Rats can come into your house through holes on the walls or from the basement. When rats find food in your home, they would always want to stay because their aim is comfort. Once rats find an excellent place to stay in your home, they begin to reproduce and multiply. This is why homes become rat-infested quickly.

The big question is how to prevent rats from coming into your home at all? First, you need to make your home uninviting; remember that rats are always searching for food and shelter. When your home becomes inhospitable, they would have no business being there. Ensure that you don’t have holes on your walls, cracks, or any other potential openings that rats can use to come in.

Indeed, you can’t fully rat-proof your home, but you can take extensive measures to make sure they don’t get in. Tidy up the exteriors and interiors of your home, get rid of stagnant waters, and keep your trash bin securely closed. Also, you should make sure you don’t leave foods out in open space, keep rat foods in sealed containers, and always keep your house clean.


The best rat traps for your household would depend on your lifestyle and preference. It can be a bit scary when you find rats running around your house, but you can do this! It’s not as difficult as it seems.  Although even the best rat traps won’t be 100% effective in eliminating rats, they can be mainly controlled.

If you have noticed that the rat infestation is only getting worse, or lingering for more than usual, then it’s imperative that you call an “exterminator.” In most cases, a professional rat exterminator is always your best bet when getting rid of rats permanently.

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