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Preventing Spiders And Cobwebs Around Your Mississippi Home

Spiders and cobwebs can be a nuisance in your home. It can make your house look messy. Keep in mind that spiders dwell in quiet and dark areas. With this, keep your house litter-free and clean. In addition, you also need to check your outdoors, including garages, sheds, and porches. Thus, spiders also love to dwell in these areas.

Remember that regular vacuuming is also beneficial to prevent spiders and cobwebs around your Mississippi home. You can also clean your baseboards and windows thoroughly. So, you can eliminate the webs, spiders, and their egg sacs and avoid infestation.

How to get rid of spiders in your home? 

If you’re afraid of spiders, the following are some ways to get rid of spiders and preventing cobwebs.


Spider despises vinegar. So, you can use vinegar to keep spiders away from your house. The smell of vinegar can shiver the spines of the spider. You can add half bottle of vinegar into a bottle of half water and spray it around your home. Meanwhile, be careful since vinegar can be harsh to the appearance of varnished surfaces.

Essential oils 

You can also use essential oils to deter spiders from infesting your home. One example is peppermint oil. It has a strong scent which is an excellent spider repellent.

Other good essential oils include lavender, tea-tree, cinnamon, and rose. Aside from getting rid of spiders, it can also serve as home fragrances. You can change the oil you use to make it more effective.

Cleaning regularly 

One simple solution to take away spiders in your house is to clean regularly. Since spiders hide in dark places, it is beneficial to maintain cleaning, tidying, and de-cluttering. If you regularly clean your home, the spider can be prevented from building a cobweb. Dusting regularly can keep the webs away as well as other insects.

Plant a eucalyptus tree in your garden 

You can plant a eucalyptus tree in your garden. It has a strong scent which is an excellent spider repellent.

It has a good scent that you will love. In addition, it also has a low maintenance.

Exterior protection and seal the cracks in your walls 

Protect your exterior and seal wall cracks to avoid spiders from entering your home. Check window sills and door openings for cracks where spiders can crawl. Then, seal them. You can also cover chimneys and vents using a fine mesh. It is also necessary to fix your torn window screens.


Another natural way to get rid of spiders is citrus. Spiders hate the scent of all citrus. So, you can rub citrus peel along your window sills, skirting boards, and bookshelves. You can also use furniture polish and lemon-scented cleaners and burn citronella candles inside and outside your house. You can include citrus plants in your garden to avoid spiders from entering your home.


Spiders also detest cedar. So, you can use a cedar plant and other cedar products to get rid of spiders and cobwebs.

Turn off the lights 

Even though light doesn’t lure the spiders, it can attract insects that spiders feast on. With this, turn off the outside lights to avoid spiders coming near your house.


Garlic is another practical way to eliminate spiders in your house. Place crushed cloves or whole clovers in a spray bottle with water. Then, use the scent on the floors, corners, and skirting boards of the rooms prone that the spider may enter.

Clean your dishes

If you want to avoid spider infestation in your house, you need prey prevention. With this, the spider will not have access to your home. Dirty dishes can attract mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, which are the favorite meals of spiders. Therefore, make sure to clean your dishes immediately.

Take away leftover food 

Leftover food can also be the reason why spiders and other bugs enter your home. Make sure to throw away leftover food. Aside from attracting spiders, it also carries infections and diseases.

Other methods for spider control    

The following are other methods to get rid of spiders in your home.


Regular vacuuming of your home can help spider control. It can pull the spider and cobwebs on the vacuum bags.

Herbal insecticide

An herbal insecticide is a type of pesticide which kills insects and bugs, including spiders. It can help to prevent spiders from invading your home. The herbal insecticide is also better for your health.

Exterminator Jackson MS: Best Exterminator Near Me

One of the best ways to eliminate spider infestation is to seek the help of a professional exterminator. Some species of spiders can be dangerous, like black widows or tarantula. So, it is better to leave the job to the experts. With their help, you have the assurance to have a safe and effective process to get rid of spiders in your area.

Now that you have learned how to get rid of spiders let us proceed on preventing cobwebs.

Getting rid of cobwebs 

Cobwebs are the spiders’ vacant homes abandoned to move to better pastures. It can trap dust particles, pollen, and other debris. Cobwebs are made to capture prey. Even though it doesn’t harm you, cobwebs can also be a nuisance and make your home look dirty and disorganized. So, as much as possible, get rid of them.

You can get rid of cobwebs through cleaning. You can use a reliable vacuum cleaner to remove the cobwebs. Use it on the corners of your ceilings and other crannies around your doors and windows. It is also a good idea to use soft dusters with an extension to clean the ceiling.

Use a hose or spray bottle of water to eliminate cobwebs. Usually, spiders make their webs on the window corners, between the windows and screens, and other common hiding areas. So, you can spray on these areas to clear cobwebs and deter spiders.


Spiders and cobwebs are indeed a nuisance in your home. So, if you want to get rid of spiders, you can apply the tips we mentioned above. Meanwhile, if you want a professional and effective solution to eliminating spider infestation in your home, you can choose us.

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