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Most Common FAQs Synergy Jackson Pest Control August 13, 2021

Poisonous and non-poisonous spiders in Mississippi? How do you tell the difference?

Mississippi, with its warm and humid climate, is the perfect place for spiders to live and thrive. Top non-poisonous spiders in Mississippi include cellar spiders, jumping spiders, hobo spiders, and American grass spiders. The most common poisonous spiders in Mississippi are the black widow spider, brown recluse spider, and wolf spider.

Determining whether a spider is poisonous or not is best accomplished by the process of elimination. Shiny black spiders with a red hourglass may be black widow spiders. Larger brown spiders with a fiddleback marking on their abdomen may be brown recluse spiders. Most spiders are harmless and beneficial in Mississippi as they help control unwanted insects.

How to tell the difference between pest poop? Mouse or squirrel droppings?

Finding droppings of some type of critter in your attic is concerning to homeowners. Properly identifying the droppings is a critical first step to successfully eradicating unwanted pest animals from your home. After droppings have been confirmed you can put a plan in place to trap or eradicate the pests.

Squirrel droppings look similar to rat droppings; however, squirrel droppings around rounded on the ends vs rats with pointed ends. Mouse droppings are much smaller than squirrel or rat poop. Mouse poop is small, darker in color, and pellet-shaped. Squirrels are best eliminated using live-catch traps. Mice can be trapped either with snap traps or glue traps. If unsuccessfully, pest professionals use poison to get rid of mice in the home.

Bat removal from attics? How do I get rid of bats in my home?

Bats are federally protected species that are very beneficial to have around your home as they are voracious feeders on insects. Unfortunately bats sometimes use our homes as nests to raise their young. That’s when bats become a major problem. Bat guano can become a serious health risk as it can contain histoplasmosis.

Getting rid of bats quickly in your attic is essential; but killing them is not the best option. One-way bat arms can be installed once the points of entry for bats into your home have been identified. One-way bat arms allow bats to leave the attic but not get back in. After all bats have left the home, structural repairs are key to preventing bats from re-entering your home.

Where do gnats come from?

Gnats are common pests in our Mississippi homes, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Gnats love heat and moisture both to feed on and breed in. So where do gnats come from?

Gnat infestations can quickly grow out of control as they rapidly reproduce. Gnats require organic matter as a breeding site. Toilets and sinks in bathrooms as well as sinks in kitchens are common breeding areas for gnats. To get rid of gnats, first correct the moisture problem and/or leaks. After that, use organic drain foams to eat away all of the organic matter. Once the gnats’ breeding site has been eliminated, gnats will slowly go away.

How do you remove a yellow jacket nest and get rid of yellow jackets quickly?

Yellow jackets are aggressive and their stings painful, so getting rid of yellow jackets quickly is essential. Yellow jackets, unlike some other stinging pests, have the ability to sting multiple times. Some people are pre-disposed to hypersensitivity reactions from yellow jacket stings so caution is required if trying to get rid of yellow jackets on your own.

After identifying the location of all yellow jacket nests, wait until the evening before taking action when yellow jackets are less active. Insecticides applied as liquids, dusts, or foams can kill yellow jackets in their nests quickly. Fast-acting knock down insecticides may also be used for yellow jackets swarming around the nest opening.

Are these bed bugs are other bugs that look similar to bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a serious pest in our homes. Bed bugs can multiply rapidly turning a relatively minor infestation into a serious hard-to-treat infestation. Determining whether or not you are dealing with bed bugs is a critical first step.

There are a number of common household pests that can be mistaken for bed bugs. These include: cockroach nymphs, bat bugs, booklice, carpet beetles, spider beetles, ticks, and fleas. After ruling out these other pests, bed bug infestations need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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