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Making a List and Checking It Twice for Holiday Pest Prevention

The holiday season is the busiest one. Although we have vacations, presents, and events to look forward to the festivities also take a lot of our time. We have to ensure that all of our decorations are in place and that they are absolutely clean and healthy.

Christmas trees, mistletoes, and wreaths might be infected with pests. Every creature seeks warmth and it’s most likely that bugs, mice, and rats will try to get into homes during winter. Pest control is quite time-consuming, however, it’s very important for your health, especially if you live with children or pets.

You want to make sure that there are no parasites living on your Christmas tree, crawling to your bed, and around your house. Especially, if you are a rental owner, you might get a lot of complaints from guests if you haven’t made a list and checked it twice for holiday pest prevention. Therefore, ask your property manager to follow the important steps to prevent bug-related problems.

1.Be Cautious of What You Buy During The Holidays

The presents and decorations are all good and fun, to keep them that way, cautiously inspect the items that you plan to bring home. Clean the Christmas tree the best you can and check that the decorations are all free of pests.

You need to make sure that the gifts you are going to put under the Christmas tree for days or weeks are not the type to attract any unwanted attention from small crawling creatures. You have to pay the most attention to the evergreen items that you bring into your home. Remember that pests are familiar with natural, live objects and therefore, it’s most likely that they inhabit such decorations.

You will find clues that the pests have inhabited your home when you find chew marks and webs around the house. Start looking at the decorations, but don’t forget to miss the food. Usually, homeowners like to fill their houses with candy and traditional holiday foods by the end of December, so clean the ingredients before starting to cook and place them in safe spots with lids and covers.

2.Clean the Kitchen

As mentioned above, food is the danger zone. You will have pests crawling from the shadows to get a taste of the delicious holiday treats you have prepared for your family. The best way to avoid such incidents is to clean the kitchen thoroughly.

A good deep cleaning is exactly what your house needs to avoid any bug-related issues. The best way to avoid pests during the holidays is to clean well. The kitchen requires the most careful cleaning since it’s where all of the meals are prepared.

However, it’s best to start cleaning before you bring the groceries home, so you don’t get any of the cleaning supplies on the food. Be cautious while cleaning the kitchen, since all of the poisonous cleaning chemicals that are used to get rid of the pests might be very harmful to humans as well.

3.Be Mindful of the Unwrapped Boxes

Some people store the ornaments with the Christmas tree in boxes and put them away before the next holiday season. So when you unwrap those decorations you need to be prepared for any pests that might have made home in your storage boxes.

It’s no surprise that small creatures would infect the boxes in the dark with live decorations. Therefore, the best thing to do is cautiously open the wrap and have pest poison ready. If you find inspecting the storage boxes difficult, or if you have checked everything but there still seems to be a problem, the next step is to find a good pest control company to help you.

4.Call a Pest Control Company

You might have followed all of the steps above, but still feel a bit anxious. It’s natural that you would be scared of pests infesting your house when you are not a professional. There are lots of professional tools for pest control that you might not have access to.

Moreover, pest control specialists are going to take care of ants, bed bugs, fleas, mice, and rats alike. There are some bugs and small parasites that you might not even be able to see without a magnifier or even know about.

A good pest control company will inspect your house and give you a full report regarding the pest situation in your household. They will also give you some advice about how to avoid the issue.

Moreover, as we already mentioned above, there are many tools that can help you get rid of the pests in your home and clean the decorations. However, if misused, these tools can be poisonous to humans as well. The professionals will be able to conduct cleaning operations in your house without any potential harm being done.

5.Avoid Entering The House With Dirty Shoes

Many Asian and European countries have a tradition that people take their shoes off as soon as they get home. They either walk with “home” shoes or barefoot, this way, they avoid bringing dirt and mud into their homes. You might already have that rule in your household, but if you don’t, it’s never too late to start a habit.

By entering the house with the dirty shoes that you wore outside, you are bringing home bacteria and a lot of bugs. Pests have less of a chance of inhabiting your home if it’s always completely tidy.

The holiday season is also the coldest, with the most humid, rainy, and snowy weather. Therefore, there will be a lot of mud in the streets, and because of this, you have more of a reason to make sure that your floor is always clean during the holidays.


As we can clearly see, there are a lot of reasons to be cautious of pets during the holidays. Whether you are a homeowner or a property investor, you must inspect the property thoroughly and make sure that all of the potential pest problems are avoided. By taking these steps, you will keep your home clean, free of bugs, and most importantly, healthy.

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