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How to Safeguard the Pest Control Business From Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity attacks on businesses become more frequent and painful each year, and one of its most alarming trends is attacking small businesses. There was a common opinion that hackers only pursued big companies, but it is wrong. Many attacks target small and medium enterprises – they seem easy and attractive prey. 

You need to note that any business can be the hacker’s goal. If you own a local pest control business, that does not shield you from blows. Cybercriminals also have their reasons. Small businesses are often less protected. They lack proper insurance, training, and, security means on both the software and hardware levels. The more painful the consequences of hackers’ attacks become. The severe cyber blow may even put the company out of business. 

What is the way out? It is simple – get prepared. To avoid cyber threats, you have to be aware of such threats and the means of preventing them. You can’t ignore the possibility of becoming a criminal’s target. However, mastering the cyber security ways can be easier for you. As many pundits say, cybercriminals are often like pests. So, the past control masters can apply their existing knowledge to the new area. 

Effective methods of fighting cyber threats for a small pest control business 

The main reason why any business is vulnerable to cyber crimes is that all businesses rely on Internet resources. Criminals attack you through the Web, finding backdoors or sending harmful agents to infect the system. Besides, all employees and customers use mobile devices that are continually connected to the Web. It helps to run business processes. But it also increases the risks of becoming victims of cybercriminals

Surely, all business owners know about cyber security means. Limit access to sensitive data, use VPN for business, use reliable firewalls, don’t neglect security training, etc. The effectiveness of these methods often depends on how involved each employee is, and how aware they are of the threats. 

How to identify possible cyber security threats 

It is similar to pest control when you are invited to help the client get rid of cockroaches, ants, or rats. The problem is already here. You resolve it, but it is not the ultimate solution. Even when you remove all pests from the territory, you need to understand how they got there and how to prevent them from returning. 

Speaking of digital pests and parasites, we have to resolve the same questions. Though, of course, it is much better to prevent the intrusion than to fight its consequences. That’s why it is essential to detect the vulnerabilities that let criminals come in. 

The most common ways of getting unauthorized access are: 

  • Malicious emails containing harmful elements;
  • Compromised web resources;
  • Compromised applications;
  • Using an unprotected Internet connection;
  • Unauthorized physical access to the devices;
  • Human factor. 

Criminals use all these doorways to infect or ruin your system and steal data. Besides, cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and flexible with time. That’s why it is crucial to focus on security in your company, no matter if it is big or small. 

Practical cyber security methods for the company

Preventing is always better than reacting. If your pest control business was the victim of a cyber-attack, you need to implement all means to prevent it from happening again in the future. Also, it is essential to let your customers know that you are aware of threats and have safeguarded your business. So, it is safe to deal with you. 

While working your security policies out, focus on the following aspects: 

  • Create the cybersecurity policy and specify the necessary procedures in your company. This policy must specify the company’s resources that require protection and ways to secure them. Every employee must be informed about the value of each cyber safety tip, their responsibilities, and the business owner’s expectations. 
  • Control and limit access to the company’s data. This measure is necessary to avoid cyber threats in a company. First, specify the types of sensitive data. Then, define the list of people who need access to them and to which degree. Employees should only access the data necessary to do the job. 
  • Restrict physical access to computers and other devices. Cleaning managers, network repair managers, and other people who might get into the office should be checked before the entrance. And make sure to lock all devices that aren’t in use at the moment. Very often, intrusion happens because of the employee’s carelessness. 
  • Secure Internet access. Implement a fast security VPN connection for accessing your network from outside locations. You can use it on both mobile and desktop devices – just check how to add a VPN to Firefox or another browser on your computer. It is the easiest way to implement a free VPN in a browser. Also, you can use dedicated applications. It should be the rule: always protect the Internet connection. 
  • Keep your software up-to-date. Software developers also treat security issues seriously, issuing updates that not only enhance functionality but improve security protection too. Leaving any software outdated may open the door for cybercriminals who may find a breach in your security measures. 
  • Install software and hardware firewalls. The combination of these two types gives the best results. Update them regularly to get the latest information about cyber threats. Also, make sure that firewalls are installed and updated on every device connected to the business network, including your employees’ mobile devices if they need to use them for work. 
  • Encrypt the data. Use full-disk encryption to protect your data on the hardware level. If your organization follows modern security regulations, this measure is necessary. Besides, make sure to save a copy of the encryption key and all passwords separately and protected. 
  • Train your staff on security regularly. The basic regulations like using a VPN for browser when accessing work resources and protecting passwords must be mandatory. Your staff should be aware of security threats and malicious resources. 

It is the same as with all other threats – to avoid cyber threats at work and at home, you need to know about those threats. Each cyber safety tip should not be useless knowledge. You need to make a habit of using it continually.  


Cyber attacks are regular, and their number only increases. Protecting your business from such attacks is a process. Security experts improve their knowledge, learn the criminals’ tricks, and develop dedicated security tools. In fact, even making the usage of VPN mandatory can make a big difference. You only need to select a reliable provider like VeePN to protect your Web connections. But the most essential factor is staying cautious both online and offline. 

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