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How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Moving into a dorm room can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. For many students, going away to college is their first time living on their own and it can take some getting used to. But with a few simple steps, you can make your dorm room feel like home in no time! Whether it’s bringing the right items from home or just taking the time to decorate and organize your space, there are plenty of ways to create a comfortable environment that feels like home. Read on for our top tips on how to make your dorm room feel like home.

What to Bring

When you’re packing up your things to move into your dorm, it can be hard knowing what items are essential and which ones you can leave behind. It’s helpful to have an idea of the space you will be living in so that you know how much room to allot for each item or group of items. Here are a few essentials to bring with you:

Linens and bedding

When it comes to linens, you’ll want to have at least a full set of sheets (flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases), a blanket, and some sort of comforter or duvet. If you choose to use a duvet instead of sleeping under one, bring along a down-alternative comforter for when it gets chilly.

Storage bins and baskets

Dorm rooms tend to be small, so having storage bins or baskets is a great way to keep things organized and off the floor. Look for canvas or plastic options in neutral hues that you can use throughout your college years.

A small refrigerator

While most dorms will provide a fridge, these are often quite small and might not have enough room to store all your items. Bring along a small refrigerator or cooler (depending on how cold your dorm gets) that you can use for drinks, snacks, and any perishables.

Decorating Your Dorm

Dorm rooms can feel a bit sterile and impersonal, so it’s important to add some personal touches that really make the space yours. Here are a few tips for decorating your dorm room:

Use wall art

Since dorm walls are often bare and empty, try bringing along a few framed photographs or prints that you can hang up. This way, the room will feel more like home and you’ll have a few reminders of your favorite photos or places.

Display mementos

If you have any small mementos that remind you of home, be sure to display them in your dorm room. You could place them on shelves, a desk, or even a small table for everyone to see.

Bring posters and other decorations

You can use bulletin boards or string-up tap lights to add some personality to your room walls. Just be sure not to go overboard and make it too hard for other students in the dorm to concentrate on their work!

Making Your Room Comfortable

No matter how much effort you put into decorating, your dorm room will still be just that – a dorm room. Here are a few tips for making it feel more like home:

Invest in noise-canceling headphones or earplugs

If there’s one thing that most students share at college, it’s noise. Whether it’s busy hallways, loud roommates, or parties in the dorm next door, all that sound can be exhausting. Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs are a must-have item for any college student to help block out some of the distractions.

Bring your own comfortable chair

Depending on what’s available in your dorm room, you may be stuck sitting on a chair that isn’t very comfortable. Investing in a comfy armchair or bean bag chair is a great way to ensure you always have somewhere to sit comfortably.

Stock up on snacks

It can be difficult to leave the comfort of your dorm room to go out and purchase food. Make life easier by stocking up on your favorite snacks so you can always have something to nibble on when hunger strikes.

Don’t underestimate greenery

Whether you bring a small potted plant or some fresh flowers, adding some nature to your room is a great way to make it feel more comfortable and homey.

Create a workspace that makes studying a breeze

You will want to create a functional and comfortable workspace that is conducive to studying and getting work done. A good desk with an ergonomic chair and excellent lighting are absolute musts. Additionally, if you tend to work best in silence, look for somewhere you can close the door so that others won’t be distracted.

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Keep it clean

No matter how much you decorate, your dorm room will feel unclean if there’s clutter everywhere. By keeping things clean and organized, you can make your room feel a whole lot more comfortable.

Keep in mind that a comfortable living arrangement doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy – it just needs to feel like home to you. Whether you’re decorating with photos, bringing your favorite snacks, or playing music while you study – the only thing that matters is that it works for you!

Now that you have a bit of background knowledge about dorm rooms and the essentials to bring along with you, it’s time to start packing up. Be sure to take your time and pack everything up with care so you can easily find everything once you arrive on campus. Good luck and happy packing!

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