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How to Identify Squirrel Poop

Squirrels pooping in your attic can really be a major pain. As anyone who has experienced this will tell you, not only is the noise annoying, but finding where the squirrel poop is coming from can be even more difficult. So, how do you actually identify squirrel poop? This can be a question for many homeowners who may not know how to identify the odor left behind by these types of animals.

Squirrel Poop: Color and shape

Squirrel droppings are easy to identify. Fresh squirrel poop is dark, shiny, and moist with tapered ends. Older squirrel poop dries out and turns a chalky gray color, while the ends become rounded with age.

Squirrel Poop: Size

Squirrels poop a lot. They may not poop as much as rabbits, but they are more active and can often be seen foraging around. Squirrel droppings are usually about ½ inch in diameter (not counting hair) and from 3 to 5 inches long. The shape is very similar to that of a dog dropping.

Squirrel Poop: Location

Squirrel feces will have blunt ends as opposed to tapering like rat droppings do. It may be found scattered or bunched together in certain areas. Squirrels tend to defecate in the same location multiple times, which can make it easier to identify when finding a group of droppings together.

Squirrels tend to leave their feces in places that they frequent or feel safe in, such as attics or under porches or decks. If you find squirrel poop on your property, don’t touch it. Droppings can transmit diseases and parasites long after they are left behind by an animal, so always use gloves and wash your hands after coming into contact with squirrel poop.

Squirrel poop vs. rat poop

Squirrel poop looks like a small rod, about the size of a grain of rice. Rat poop is thicker, at least three times the size of squirrel droppings. Squirrel poop can be found in attics, gutters, and decks.

The best way to identify squirrel poop is to compare it with rat droppings. Rat droppings are larger and thicker than squirrel droppings. Squirrels are herbivores and leave behind brown, cylindrical pellets that look like tiny logs. Rats are omnivores and leave behind droppings that have a soft edge on one side and taper to a point on the other side.

You can use a number of methods to help you identify squirrel droppings. Having this knowledge is crucial because squirrel poops can spread diseases and make your property appear dirty. One method is to check the color, size, and shape of the excrement. The color of the feces will tell you if it came from a gray or fox squirrel.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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