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How To Get Rid of Ants In and Outside Of Your Home

Common FAQ’s About Ants

1.What are sugar ants?

2.How long do ants live?

3.How many ants are in the world?

4.What are pis ants?

5.What do ants eat?

6.Do ants sleep?

Follow Ants and Inspect Ant Trails

Ants hide under ant nests and colonies that are well hidden inside walls or underground outdoors for anyone to see. This is why they’re so challenging to locate and exterminate all at once. Killing a few sighted ants every time you view them can be a never-ending thing to do. These ants may also never seize to exist in your home once the ever-reproducing ant queen establishes in the colony.

For this reason, it’s crucial to find the location of these pests. You can do this by simply following the trail of the insects and seeing where it ends. This way, you can easily find the ants’ hideout if it’s not vastly underground. But if finding out the colony becomes difficult, you can always seek help from a reliable ant extermination service by getting an inspection of the infestation.

Ant Bait vs. Insecticides

Spraying the havoc-creating ants appearing in different locations of your house may seem like the best solution but is only a temporary remedy. It can feel relaxing killing a reasonable sum of ants at once with the powerful spray, but what about the vast colony of ants that are to make an appearance after? For extinguishing the whole territory, you can try the bait method.

With a bait that is lethal for the ants and kills them slowly, you can get rid of the problem forever but with patience. When you set a slow killing ant bait near their entrance, you can make them carry some of it with them to the rest of their colony and, most importantly, the queen. When all of them take the bait, it can take a week for them to die out completely, so make sure to allocate time.

You can find out the best bait according to the type of ants and infestation and one that is not harmful to others if kids and pets are present at home.

Sanitation for Ants

Ants are social insects, and they use foraging as their number one survival approach. They use any place they can find where a supply of food is close to making a hideout and shielding nest. This is why it’s imperative to retain the house clean of the smallest spill or dirt to keep the ants at bay. You can make sure to keep the floors clean and food stored carefully not to allow ant nests. It would be best to seal all possible entry points and hideouts for ants immediately once the infestation is taken care of.

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