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How Harvard Students are Dealing with Bedbugs and Other Pests in Their Dorms

Bug infestations are highly common, and it is rather true that no place is safe from bug attacks. For years, Harvard University has been under bug attacks and is most common in libraries, student dorms, and faculty homes.

The college authority has taken multiple measures to reduce these bug attacks and appraise students of the possible reasons and signs that their beds, areas of studying are infected. It helps the students be aware and take individual measures to stop the spread and do so in time.







Harvard Campus’ strict services 

For years, the students of the mighty college have faced bug attacks. Despite multiple efforts, there is not much luck at completely removing the bugs from campus. The Harvard campus services provide extensive support in bug identification, deworming, and removal activities to combat the spread.

The property managers have contacts of leading and approved pest control vendors that visit the area and carry out the bug removal activities. With a complete system in place, all students must capture an image of bug evidence and share it with their property manager.

Harvard students get complete support 

Harvard University ensures that all home residents are free from bug attacks and subsequent allergies or reactions. They circulate notices informing students of the best steps to take if their room is found under a bug attack. The students are also advised not to carry their belongings and shift to another room on their own decision.

Harvard University has deployed property managers that look at the issues closely and take the necessary remedial measures to keep students and their belongings safe from these bugs and infections.

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Look for telltale signs 

Harvard University is furthermore particular in keeping bug attacks under control. They send in regular circulars and notifications to residing students. Students are often asked to look for easy telltale signs of bugs in their dorms or buildings to keep themselves protected.

Highly approved vendors and medicines are kept in lists pre-ready to immediately act as the bugs find a home in the dorms again. Apart from dorms, the university ensures that they keep all faculty and classes free from bugs. They follow a rigorous procedure to debug any infected area.





Easing bedbug anxiety for students

The students at Harvard are often faced with fighting bedbug anxiety with stories of years of bug attacks. However, the university has kept all remedial measures for fighting the physical and mental effects of the bugs that attack dorms.

With all measures to help students in place, most find ease and find an easy replacement of dorms. The authorities help students identify the bug and the intensity of the attack. Though most of these bugs do not cause any potential harm or infections, it is important to determine the extent of the infestation and take measures right in the beginning to avoid a spread. An anxiety-free environment will help you to focus better and combined with the benefits of using citations. You’ll be able to perform better in your academic career.

Clutter reduction helps 

The students are also highly advised to keep their dorms and rooms free of clutter. It is a common understanding that bugs are more likely to attack a present with clutter or dirt. Keeping belongings in containers and closed areas helps save them from bugs and easy transportation on account of changing rooms or dorms until the bugs are taken care of.

As much as one follows the rule of cleanliness, the chances of bug attacks go down. Despite an attack in a clean room, it is easy to identify the bugs and carry out remedial measures at the earliest.


Harvard University is highly particular about all activities carried on its premises. Even when it comes to bug attacks, their remedial measures are rather impressive and quick. The campus is completely protected, and with early identification of it coming under greater chances of bug and infectious attacks, their property managers and authorities are prepared at all times to act quickly and bring fast relief to students.

Author’s Bio:

Brandon Kryeger works as a writer and editor for a leading thesis and dissertation assistance service. Students repeatedly approach him for their academic work and that’s a testament to how good his writing is. Besides writing, Brandon loves watching web shows and live sports and cooking Italian food.

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