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How Can I Kill Rats Instantly in My Mississippi Home?

Rats can be found just about anywhere you look, and Mississippi is no exclusion. They frequent both clean quarters and filthy spaces alike and are a terror to anyone who crosses paths with them. Rats can enter any space that has vents and large holes and can squeeze through tiny spaces that are a little over half an inch. Their teeth are strong enough that they can chew through various materials as well. It is for this reason alone that one should keep an eye out for forming holes and cracks in the foundation of a home as well as the roof and walls. 

When rats get into living quarters, however, it can cause tenants to wonder just how many might be residing there and how to get rid of them. This can be a major concern because of the various diseases rats carry on their bodies. There are a couple of different solutions to choose from when trying to figure out how to kill rats instantly in your Mississippi home.

The Classic Rat Snap Trap!

The most known way to kill rats instantly is to use the snap trap. These types of traps have been utilized by many tenants and homeowners who have had issues with rats before. This quick reflex tool activates the moment pressure touches the trigger, then snaps its victim tight restraining it from going anywhere. 

Rat snap traps are sold cheaply at any hardware store and general store that may be located nearby. After purchasing however many traps are needed, the tenant or homeowner need only to bait the trap. Rats are not picky when it comes to food so any morsel tiny enough to place on the trap is just fine. Just be sure not to set off the trigger while getting the trap ready. Once this part of the process is complete, place the traps wherever rats have been discovered to roam and wait. The sound of the trap is fairly loud, letting you know that something has been caught. If you happen to get lucky and catch the rodents, you can toss them in the trash or dispose of them how you see fit.

Rat Zappers

There are these nifty tools that have become popular as of late. They are electric rat zappers. The cool thing about electric rat zappers is that it does the work for you, makes for easy cleanup, and kills rats instantly as well. There are a couple of steps to take in using this kind of trap.

First, you have to decide which type of rat zapper you want. You have the option to select those that operate off batteries. These types require 4 D sized batteries so be prepared to purchase those along with the zapper. If you want less hassle, you can choose the rat zapper that only requires you to plug it into an outlet to function properly as well. One thing to note is that the electric zappers price range differs significantly from buying tiny wooden snap traps to lay around the home. Keep this in mind as well.

Next, figure out where you need to place these traps. If you have noticed that rats tend to frequent certain areas over the next, then that is where you want to place them. If you are more concerned about the possibility of rats wandering throughout your home, then depending on how many traps you have laid, place a trap in each room of your residence. If you have small children, it is best to keep the traps out of the way of children to avoid harm.

Third, you need bait! These traps are just as effective as snap traps, and you have to bait the traps accordingly. A rule of thumb here is that you need to lay the bait inside the trap around the trigger plate, and you are going to want to do this while the trap is inactive. In other words, place the bait before plugging in the zapper or placing the batteries into it as an added safety precaution for you. Since rats have an enhanced sense of smell, place any bait you have while using gloves to keep your scent from contaminating the trap.

Lastly, simply keep an eye out for a catch. You do not have to watch the traps like a hawk of course. Most electric zappers have LED lights that alert you when a catch has been made. At this point, the only thing you have to do is pick the electric rat zapper up and dispose of the rat accordingly. You do not have to come in contact with the rodent directly whatsoever.

Which Rat Trap Is Better?

There are two significant differences between the rat snap traps and the electric rat zappers. Snap traps are a one time deal. Once a rodent is caught and disposed of, you have to keep resetting the trap to catch more if necessary. Electric rat zappers can eliminate multiple rats with one continual use and does not require a reset. One other difference, which is a con for electric rat zappers, is that electricity can be finicky from time to time. Just as all other appliances, these rat zappers can malfunction if not handled with care. These are just a couple of things to note in the decision to opt for rat snap traps or rat zappers.

There Are Just Too Many Rats To Handle!

It is natural to hope that one does not ever have to deal with a rodent infestation, especially rat infestations. However, it does happen. Situations like these require the input and action of a professional. Selecting an exterminator that is skilled to handle rodent intrusion and the problems that come along with them is key to ridding your home of these pests for good. They can advise you on action plans that suit the need of the situation and help to ensure that the home is back in good condition to aid in the prevention of rodent infiltration.

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