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House Ants: How to Identify And Get Rid Of Common House Ants in Mississippi

An ant infestation in your house may not be a severe pest problem, but it can be a nuisance. There are different ant types you may encounter in your home. Those ants that dwell in gardens can help to control damaging pests like aphids. These ants also aerate the soil.

On the other hand, ants inside your house can be annoying. Sometimes, they can also carry unwanted bacteria. Do you want to get rid of common house ants? Then, this post can help you. We will help you identify house ants and reveal the tips to get rid of house ants for good.

Identifying common house ants 

There are various types of house ants you can found in your house. To help you identify what kind of house ant you may have, read more.

Carpenter ants 

Carpenter ants are large ants that measure up to 5 or 8 inches. They have black or reddish-orange color. Sometimes, you may encounter ants with wings. These are worker carpenter ants. Carpenter arts can be more serious pests compared to other species. Thus, they feed on tunnels and decaying wood which can bring structural damage.

Common house ants 

The ant species that you usually see inside your house are odorous ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants, which are also called sugar ants. These ants are primarily found in the United States. These ants heavily feed on greases, sugars, and other substances in residential kitchens.

These common house ants can be light yellowish-brown, black or dark brown. Even these ants don’t pose a serious threat; they can be unsanitary and very annoying.


Termites may look like carpenter ants at your first glance because of their size, color, and the damage they inflict. However, as you look closer, the body of termites doesn’t have a narrow waist. These ants come with four wings of equal size.

How to get rid of common house ants? 

If you’re bothered by the roaming ants in your house, you can get rid of them with the following tips.

Use ant baits 

One way to get rid of common house ants is to use ant baits. It can help you to discover their hidden nest. Thus, they may carry the bait to their nest.

Sanitation:  Make things clean 

Keep in mind that sanitation and cleanliness are essential for ant control and prevention. Like other creatures, house ants also need food, water, and shelter to survive. So, practice sanitation and cleanliness to avoid ants from accessing your food and water. Swept your floors regularly, seal your foods and clean all surfaces in your home.

Insecticides:  Treat Indoors and Outdoors

As you found the trails and nest of the ant colony outdoors, you can apply a liquid pesticide that can soak down to reach their queen. The pesticide is effective in drenching the nest. Meanwhile, make sure that you only kill those ants that cause infestation problems. Since ants in the garden can be helpful for your garden.


You can vacuum the areas of your home, including upholstery and carpets. Then, dispose of the content of the vacuum promptly after cleaning. Steam cleaning and wet vacuums are highly recommended than basic vacuuming methods.

Consult an exterminator 

If you suspect that there is an ant infestation in your home, immediately consult an exterminator. So, you can make sure that a professional team can help you get rid of common house ants safely and effectively.

Other methods you can use to get rid of house ants

You can also use other substances to get rid of house ants. These substances include borax, vinegar, essential oils, herbs and spices, citrus or cucumber peels, and coffee grounds.

Prevention of common house ants 

If you want to avoid ant infestation in your house, you can apply the following tips:

Regularly dispose of your garbage 

Make sure to dispose of your garbage regularly since it is one reason for an ant infestation in your home. You can use trash cans that have sealed lids.

Seal crevices and cracks around your house 

Seal cracks and crevices in your house where ants may enter.

Keep sweets on closed containers 

Keep your sweets like sugar and sweets in closed containers.

Eliminate debris, excess vegetation, and old landscape materials

Remove debris, old landscape materials to your property to avoid possible nesting areas for ants.

Clean up drink and food spills immediately 

Since ants look for food and water, make sure to clean up drinks and food spills immediately.

Remove excess moisture 

Another way to prevent ant infestation in your house is to remove excess moisture. You can do this by using a dehumidifier and repair your leaking pipes.

How long does an ant infestation in your home last? 

An ant infestation can last as long as you leave it untreated. Leaving food spills or crumbs around your house can make the infestation worse. Ants can leave a scent trail that allows their colony to follow. With this, make sure to get rid of common house ants immediately.

You can ask for help from a professional pest control company to solve your pest problems. With their experienced and knowledgeable team, you can take away ants in your home safely.

Do house ants carry disease? 

Ants don’t carry diseases in a way that other insects do. Meanwhile, they can carry pathogens that can cause food-borne diseases like E.coli and salmonella by moving around rodent feces and decaying food materials. Therefore, it is essential to take away house ants immediately.


Like what we mentioned earlier, common house ants don’t pose a severe risk, but they can be very annoying. Ant species can also carry bacteria that can bring disease. In addition, they may also cause structural damage. That’s why you need to take action to get rid of common house ants immediately.

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