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Home Fencing installation: types, production and characteristics

Today, there are many different fences. They differ in a number of characteristics and serve different purposes. In the manufacture of such vertical structures, various materials are used. Their choice depends on the features of the operation of fences, handrails and other similar structures.

Installation of fences is carried out inside and outside the premises. At the same time, their operational features need to be taken into account. There are permanent and temporary constructions. They will be discussed later.


All fences can be conditionally divided into permanent and temporary constructions. They can perform several functions. There are decorative and protective structures and structures that provide security. They consist of racks and filling material.

Facilities designed to ensure safety include manufacturing facilities, construction sites, hazardous areas, stairs. This also applies to the installation of pedestrian fences, ramps and other similar structures. They prevent the penetration of strangers into the danger zone, prevent various accidents and injuries.

Decorative fences perform an aesthetic function. They frame lawns, flower beds, flower beds, front gardens. They delimit the space, serve as a design element inside or outside the room. They are made less demanding in terms of security.


From the operational time, the constant and temporary fencing. The first type of structure is built of strong and reliable materials. They are not dismantled for a long time. Such structures often have solid foundations, cemented racks or hollowed wedges.

Installation of temporary fences for the purpose of conducting a one-time event. This, for example, can be a concert, construction work and other events. After the corresponding action or work, such a fence is dismantled.

When creating temporary barriers, Used as a light and strong material. For example, temporary protection of a hazardous area on the road can be done with polyethylene tape. But building a home, shop, or school other structure may require shielding the site with metal and wood panelling. They can also be rack mounted. Strangers in this case cannot penetrate the object. In case you are looking for school fencing in Perth, you can use the wafenceworks.com.au website. WAFenceworks looks after businesses, government and organizations such as local councils in and around WA with fencing installation and maintenance. Their installers are qualified professionals who have been working with and around fencing for years.

Permission to erect fencing

Installation of barrier fencing in private territory does not require a receipt for this authorization. On his site, any person can build any fences. However, in public places such actions must be coordinated in established instances.

So, to build a temporary fence street, in a room that does not belong to the object of private real estate, you will need to get an order. It is issued by the State Inspectorate. A corresponding question is presented here.

Decisions on the construction of permanent fences at public places are taken by the relevant state bodies on the basis of the developed norms and norms. This can be the district administration, the Centre for Integrated Improvement, the Design Bureau, or other authorized services.

Requirements for temporary structures

Installation of the road fence temporary construction of the construction site and other similar structures must meet the existing requirements. They are prefabricated structures that necessarily have a gate, a door of the appropriate size. Transport and people should be able, if necessary, to cross the barrier.

The design shouldn’t interfere with the free movement of people. If there is a sidewalk nearby, its width should not be less than 1.2m. The fence must be stable, weatherproof. It is inadmissible to create a construction from elements that are dangerous for people.

If the fence performs an alarm function, its height should be 2 m. For other varieties this figure can be 1.2 m. The structure should not be destroyed under the influence of various factors. Although it is temporary, the design should be strong, reliable. It shouldn’t stagger, have flaws.

Requirements for permanent structures

There are constant type fencing rules . They are governed by a series of laws and regulations. For each type of object, some requirements are proposed.

All permanent structures must be strong, reliable. They should not be deformed, unstable. Such structures must withstand adverse environmental effects.

It should be noted that such fences should not shade green spaces and residential buildings. The fence should have an aesthetic appearance. It should look neat, presentable. Sites without wickets can only be on the side of the road.

It should be noted that when building permanent structures, for example, for stairs, ramps and other specific objects, there are special rules and regulations for installation. They must be taken into account before installation.


Installation of a shower cabin on your own plot, fences in a private land, temporary construction in a public place and other types of such structures can be done from different materials. Depending on the operation, there are transparent and closed varieties.

Transparent fences are made of glass, plastic, mesh (plastic, metal, etc.). Closed types of fences are constructed of reinforced concrete, brick, metal, wood, and slate.  Other materials can be used. Each of these species has some advantages and disadvantages.

The enclosures can be assembled into one panel, combined with an omodo rack. For decorative and permanent fences, the design of such structures can be very important. If it is, for example, a private house, then the fence should be in harmony with the style of the facade and the design of the plot. Temporary structures and fences built for safety require more functionality.

Concrete constructions

Installation of fences of cinder block or reinforced concrete has a mass benefits. This is a durable material that can be used to erect both temporary and permanent structures. Most often, these products are installed using a crane.

The category of concrete structures includes fences, both decorative and standard configuration. Today these structures are used not only in public places, but also in private construction. There are many varieties of shapes, styles of concrete fences. They are practical, resistant and very resistant.

The disadvantage of the concrete fence is their high cost.Installation will also require high costs. When building such structures, special equipment will be required. This increases the cost of construction work. Therefore, concrete panels are used only in case of need to ensure high safety of the object from unauthorized penetration by outsiders.


Installation of metal fences Today is one of the most popular ways to create temporary and permanent fences. This category includes various materials made on the basis of metal and various alloys. One of the most used options for the construction of structures is a metal profile. Depending on the stiffness class, the material presented can perform various protective functions.

To erect transparent enclosures, metal mesh. It is lightweight and high strength. This is one of the best options for temporary projects. In some conditions, a wire mesh is also used to erect permanent structures.

Another interesting option for erecting a wicket and fences are forged fences. They perform both safety and decorative functions. To protect stairs, corridors, ramps, use chromed metal pipes. They look elegant and laconic.


Installation of fences from plastic is an acceptable option forThose who are not interested in the high strength of the structure. Such drawings should only indicate a certain territory. Plastic does not have high strength. However, the cost of such a fence will be low.

Plastic panels can be installed on pillars. In this case, the material protects the object from prying eyes. Most often, non-transparent varieties are used for this purpose. This will be the best solution for creating, for example, shower enclosures, partitions, screens and other similar items.

A network of polymeric materials is stretched to create temporary structures. It is lightweight, easy to install. Such materials are often used in the arrangement of kitchen gardens, gardens. This is a simple and inexpensive material. It does not interfere with the penetration of sunlight into the site, does not create a shadow. For each operating condition, you can choose the best fencing option.

Having considered the selection and installation of fences from different materials, you can purchase the best option based on the existing conditions and requirements.

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