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Here Is Every Important Point To Note About Sash Cord Replacement

For many homes, a sash window is a standard but aesthetic element. Sash windows are naturally elegant, long-lasting, and inexpensive windows. Despite longevity, sash windows can get damaged, particularly if they have been exposed to high temperatures or are not properly maintained.

A sash cord is also one of the sash window parts that might get damaged. The cord influences the overall aspect of the window, and if it is damaged, the whole window will appear shabby. Replacing sashes cords is a straightforward task you can easily do-it-yourselfer. In this article, we will discuss sash cord replacement.






What Is A Sash Window Cord? 

There are mainly two sets of weights tucked inside the frames of old sash windows. These are placed on cables that enable the windows to counter-balance themselves, using a pulley wheel just at the top of each window frame. The sash cords usually lose their strength after some time, and when the cord loses its tensile strength, it is ripped off. If this cord breaks, you must remove the sash from its frame to replace it. 

Importance of sash cord replacement

When you opt for sash cord replacement, such services offered by professional improves the insulation of your windows. Suppose you want to sell your building or house. Sash cord replacement helps preserve the window’s aesthetic aspect, hence increasing the property’s worth. Whenever a sash window is open or closed, the weights linked to the sash by cords move up and down in the empty slots on each side of the window, enabling the windows to remain open without the need for extra supports or stays. As a result of their age, exposure to the everyday rigors of usage, the hot sun, wetness, and other climatic factors. The old ropes will fade over time, fraying first, then collapsing.






Here Is An Overview of Sash Cord Replacement Steps

Steps for sash cord replacement:

Below mentioned are the steps for sash cord replacement to help you better understand. Read on to know further.

  1. Remove the sash window stop out of each side frame.
  2. Take off the bottom sash.
  3. Remove the dividing bead from the window frame.
  4. Remove the top sash.
  5. Sash rope should be cut on both edges of the window frame and knotted to prevent it from dropping into the wall.
  6. Remove the access panel from the side jambs to expose the gap within the wall.
  7. Remove any sash weights that become detached from the cords.
  8. Connect any leftover sash cords with the length of the string.
  9. Pull the sash weight and existing cord and the attached rope and new sash cord through the access opening.   
  10. 10.Remove the sash weight and re-tie it to the new sash cord.
  11. 11.Pull the new cord and replace the weight within the wall.
  12. 12.Attach a weight screw or hex-nut to string and pass it across the pulleys and           into the wall when there is no existing cord.
  13. 13.Pull the entire sash cord into the walls using a string; secure the sash weight.
  14. 14.Take the top sash in the window frame and cut new cords to length.
  15. 15.Attach a single cord to each end of the sash.
  16. 16.Replace the separating bead after installing the top sash.
  17. 17.Repeat the previous step for applying sash weights to the bottom sash.
  18. 18.Replace the bottom sash in the window frame and reattach the window stops.

How would you access a broken sash cord?

Sash cords are made of different materials, such as waxed and un-waxed hemp and synthetic fibers. Apart from that, they are available in different diameters and you need to choose the right one. Ensure you buy the sash cords with the same diameter as the old ones. You need to install the sash cord separately at the upper panels and lower panels. It is recommended that you hire a technician for sash cord repairs, since the process can be a bit tricky and any lapse can lead to loss of material and time.

  • Once you remove the sashes from your window frame, you need to mark them according to their weight. You cannot reinstall the lower sash at the upper panel, hence marks them to avoid confusion. If you install them wrongly, then you cannot move your sashes thereafter. After sash cord repairs, you need to reinstall your window sashes in their right position.
  • For sash window repairs, you need to remove the lower sash and replace the cord of your upper sash. If it is related to your lower sash cord, then you need to remove the lower sash first and then take out the upper sash.
  • Once you remove the sashes, you need to take out the beads from the frame. You can find these beads at the corners of your frames, and you need to remove these beads from their centre position. Do not remove the beads from the corners because you might end up damaging the window frame and cannot repair your sash window cords.
  • After removing the beads from the middle of your frames, the frame will easily come off. If you find your window sash cords in a proper condition, then you can tie a string around them near the pulley. Then pull out the new cord and install it inside the frame. Now, you can lift the lower sash and install it accordingly. Afterward, you can lift the upper sash and replace the cords in a similar way. You can use nails and screws to install the sashes.
  • You can use a chisel to pry off the pocket cover from the frame and use some screws and nails to reinstall them in the proper position. You can remove the old cords from the frames and install new cords accordingly.

If you are living in an old building, then you can find some sash windows in your home and you need to maintain such windows at regular intervals to keep avoid damage and enhance their life. The most common problems of sash windows are the damages to their cords and frame. You need to hire a contractor for sash cord repairs and if required, they will also replace the frames of your window.


Sash cord replacement is a simple and easy procedure. All you need to do is follow up with the mentioned above points in the form of guidance and you are good to go.

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