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Flies in My Mississippi Home: How Long Do Flies Live and How To Get Rid of Flies

Houseflies are classified under the insect order known as Diptera, which only have one set of wings. They are gray, ¼-inch long, and can also be called “nuisance” flies. Houseflies are present in almost all places that humans live. 

They are known to lay their eggs in rotting organic material, garbage, and animal feces. While you might think a housefly infestation should not be of concern, it is essential to note that it can spread diseases. There are numerous ways you can deal with housefly infestation and also prevent them from invading your home.

How Long Do Flies Live?

There is a popular misconception that a fly lives for only 24 hours. The housefly, which is the type of fly that most homeowners have to deal with, has a lifespan of almost one month.

It follows the general life cycle of a fly as it first lays eggs, becomes maggot, then pupa, before becoming an adult fly. You end up with a house filled with numerous flies if most of the eggs survive. 

The average lifespan of a housefly is about 20 to 25 days, but there are cases where it could live up to a month.

Dangers of a Fly Infestation

Flies have been found to spread microbes, which are subject to change based on the environment where they lived. This means that flies are sensitive to their environment, and can spread various germs during their movement from one area to another. This threat is very evident in a case where there is an outbreak of a disease.

If there is an ongoing pandemic, the flies tend to spread the disease faster. Research shows that a fly spreads microbes by excreting germs or leaving them behind on any surface they touch. The germs gotten from studying these flies are known to cause human illness.

Irrespective of the list of germs, you have a low chance of getting ill if you drink from a glass a fly landed on if you live in a healthy environment and have a strong immune system.

However, it is advisable to be wary of houseflies if you are in an environment where there is an ongoing pandemic or if you are an immune-compromised person.

While flies can be a nuisance, you should not be worried about your health as they don’t pose any major risk.

Dealing with a Fly Infestation

These are some of the top methods you can try to get rid of the flies in your home.

Sticky Traps for Flies

These are strips of sticky paper that can be laid down or hung around your house. They can help to trap most of the flies moving around the house and curb the infestation.

Light Traps for Flies

These are boxes that have a light at the rear to attract flies. When the flies make their way to the light, they get trapped or killed with an electric zap, depending on the type of light trap you opted for.

You should note that light traps are meant to be mounted within five feet of the floor and also away from the windows and entrances.

Venus flytrap

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that feeds on insects. They naturally eat flies if they are planted outside. But growing the plant inside means that you need to feed it flies. 

When the plant traps the fly, it closes around the fly and dissolves the fly’s soft insides by secreting a digestive fluid. It then takes about 5 to 12 days to break down the insect before spitting the exoskeleton.


If you are dealing with a bigger fly infestation, you might need to utilize an insecticide as it works quickly. 

It is important to know that the effects of an insecticide wear off quickly and flies have short life cycles and develop resistance for it.

You can go for a pyrethrins-based insecticide for your fly problem if you do not want to use insecticide. Ensure that you choose an insecticide that is particularly made for the indoors, keep your house well ventilated, and follow all the instructions on the label.

Call Synergy² Jackson Exterminator

If the flies are way too much and you are finding it difficult eradicating them from your house, you should turn to an exterminator to provide you with the help you need. 

Exterminators have all the equipment needed to clear out the flies in a very safe and smooth way.

What Attracts Flies to your Home?

Flies are mostly drawn to materials that they can successfully lay their eggs in without any hassle. These include manure, animal feces, and rotting material such as food waste. Flies are also drawn to bright lights at night.

Preventing a Fly Infestation

For the sake of your health and that of your family, it is important you don’t let your house get infested with flies. These are the steps to take to prevent a housefly infestation.

  • Clean up your pet’s feces as quickly as possible.
  • Try not to use poison to kill rats as the dead bodies can attract flies.
  • Since flies are attracted to light, you should turn off your outdoor lights at night if possible.
  • Ensure that you clear out your leaves and grass clippings because if they decay, it could attract flies.
  • Make sure you wash all the dirty dishes and glasses.
  • Utilize a garbage can that has a tight-fitting lid and throw it out when it gets full.
  • Check for holes and other damages to your house vents, doors, and windows and seal them up properly.

Bottom Line

A fly infestation can be more than just a nuisance. It could pose some dangers to your health depending on various factors. So, actively try to prevent a fly infestation in your home by keeping your house clean and following the other preventive measures mentioned above.

If an infestation manages to occur, there are numerous methods you could try to get rid of them, with the best option being to call a professional as they always have the perfect solution.

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