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Fleas In Bed Signs

As a child, you may have enjoyed creepy-crawly things like a tarantula or some other insect, but as an adult, the thought of a flea waking up in your bed can be understandably disturbing. But it isn’t enough to kill the insects—you also have to treat your home for fleas to make sure they don’t return. As spring approaches, many homeowners will be preparing their beds for warmer nights. Fleas, however, will be waiting for your warm bodies in their bed, ready to attack. Because they only live long enough for one month, they don’t cause any symptoms, often going unnoticed for months.

Common FAQ’s About Fleas and Fleas in Bed

1.How to get rid of fleas in bed?

2.Early stage fleas in bed signs?

3.Fleas in bed pictures?

4.Dog has fleas and sleeps in my bed?

5.Can fleas live in your bed?

Fleas in bed signs

Fleas are horrible little creatures that can infest your house, and while they generally aren’t dangerous to your health, they can definitely annoy the heck out of you. To combat fleas, it’s important to know when you have a problem, and the best way to do that is to check for signs that fleas are biting you. There are usually signs of fleas in your bed, so when you see them, it’s time to act. Here are the signs that you should put in your mind.

Flea dirt on the bed

Bed bugs are a bug that hides in mattresses and bedding. You can know if there are bed bugs in your home. The most common way to confirm the presence of bed bugs is to look for red, brown, or blood spots on your bed or mattress. These spots are evidence of bed bug bites. Bed bugs don’t just bite you—they bite your bed sheets as well. This is why treating your bed and sheets as soon as you suspect bed bugs is important.

Flea bite marks

Flea bite marks are many other signs of fleas in your bed. Flea bite marks are tiny, red bumps on the skin. Scratching, biting, and itching tend to accompany these marks, which may be present all over the skin, or only in certain areas. If flea bite marks are on dogs, they may be hard to discern from the bites of your canine since dogs naturally bite and scratch their skin.

Flea eggs on the bed

Fleas are parasites that like to jump from one host to another. They feed on your dead skin, blood, fur, and sweat. They live off their host and reproduce. They thrive on warm-blooded animals like dogs, cats, and humans. Flea eggs, or flebos, are tiny white, silk-like threads that are laid by the adult fleas and look similar to grains of sand. The eggs have a thick coating that helps them to remain safe until hatching. Flea eggs can be found on your pet’s fur, bedding, and in the places where your pet sleeps or eats.

Flea larvae and flea pupae on the bed

Bed bugs are tiny blood-sucking bugs that burrow into mattresses and sheets to feed on the human host’s blood. The adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, oval-shaped insects that grow to a size of about 0.5 inches and are tiny wingless females. Flea larvae and flea pupae are small white bugs that are usually hidden on the mattress and bed sheets. They are sometimes confused with bed bugs, but their physical size is different; adult bed bugs are bigger and flat, while flea larvae and flea pupae are smaller and round.

Types of Fleas That Can Stay on Bed 

There are types of fleas that can accommodate your bed. It will be annoying if you wake up that you have red bites on your body, and it could be itchy, which would irritate your mood. Here are the types of fleas that could stay on your bed.

Chigoe fleas

Chigoe Fleas are a newer form of flea that is becoming more prevalent. They are hard to detect because they emit a smell that is similar to dog feces. They hide under furniture and in cracks between floorboards. They are found worldwide and attack a wide range of animals, including humans. A bite from Chigoe Fleas may cause itching, pain, and swelling.

Rat fleas

Rat fleas (genus Pulex) are a small, blood-sucking member of the cimicid family that are often found at the base of rodent burrows, in rodent nests, and in rat droppings. Rat fleas are ectoparasites, meaning they live on the outside of the host, not inside of their body. They feed on the blood of rodents and other animals and are very capable of jumping from host to host. Rat fleas are often carriers of plague and typhus, although they have never been able to transmit these diseases to humans.

Bird fleas

Bird fleas (also known as poultry fleas) are small, reddish-brown to black, wingless insects. They are parasitic on birds and live below their feathers. These parasites hide in the feathers and feed on the blood of the birds. Fleas can also hide in your pet’s bedding.

Cat fleas

Cat fleas are small, brown, parasitic insects that are 1/15th of an inch in diameter. They feed off of your cat’s blood and can cause your cat to become itchy. Fleas can also carry diseases, which can make your cats incredibly sick.

Dog fleas

Dog fleas are parasites that live on a dog’s skin and feed on blood. They live primarily on the dog’s coat, but a dog flea infestation can also live inside a dog’s ears and on its skin. When a flea bites a dog, the flea injects saliva into the skin, which leads to an allergic reaction. The flea’s saliva causes an allergic reaction, which causes the dog to scratch at the skin, most often on its legs. Once the dog scratches, the fleas attach to it and start to feed.


A flea infestation in your home can cause discomfort for you and your family, but getting rid of them can be a daunting prospect, particularly when it comes to bedding – those places fleas like to lurk the most. Synergy Pest Control has some tips for dealing with your flea problem – and keeping your bedding free from pesky parasites.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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