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FAQ’s About Bed Bugs and Bed Bugs Extermination

What attracts bed bugs?

Bed bugs live off of the blood of their preferred hosts, usually humans.  What attracts bed bugs?  Body heat and CO2 that is exhaled during sleep.  Bed bugs spend their days hiding in mattress seams, clothing, carpet, cracks, and furniture.  Their cue to come out of hiding Is detecting CO2.

Bed bug infestations are not sanitation issues.  Bed bugs can enter a clean home as easily as a cluttered, dirty home.  Clutter may make it more difficult to find bed bugs, but it is not the reason they are there.  Bed bug infestations start small but can quickly grow out of control if not addressed.

Bed bugs eggs.  How to identify bed bugs eggs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects, but bed bugs eggs are much smaller.  Identifying bed bug eggs with the naked eye can be very difficult.  At the size of a pinhead and light white color, bed bug eggs are tough to see.  It is much more likely you will find signs of bed bugs including live bed bugs, blood spots, and bed bug shed skins before finding bed bugs eggs.

Bed bug eggs go through several stages of development after hatching.  There are 5 stages of bed bug nymphs before becoming adult bed bugs.  The presence of bed bug eggs is a sign of a coming infestation of bed bugs that can quickly grow out of control.

What are the types of bed bugs?

Distinguishing between the different types of bed bugs can be very difficult.  There are about 90 species of bed bugs, but only three that will feed on humans.  The two most common types of bed bugs that feed on humans are C. Lecturlarius and C. Hemipterus.  A third, L. Boueti will feed on humans, but prefers bats as their primary host.  L. Boueti is only found in South America and Africa.

Bed bug infestations start small with the introduction of a bed bug into the home from recent vacations, business travel, hotel stays, kids backpacks, purses and luggage, or a recent purchase of used furniture.  Once established bed bug infestations can quickly grow out of control.  In most cases, a pest company specializing in bed bug extermination will be required to completely eliminate bed bugs.

Best bed bugs exterminator?

To find the best bed bugs exterminator for your property, first check reviews from other customers on sites such as Google, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Angi’s List.  After narrowing down your list of the best pest control companies, next visit the company websites to learn whether that company specializes in bed bug extermination.

Pest companies that specialize in bed bug extermination will first come in and complete and thorough inspection.  Afterwards, you will be provided with a bed bug prep list to complete prior to service.  Completing the bed bug prep list is essential to getting rid of bed bugs for good.  After service, allow 2-3 weeks to determine whether all bed bugs have been killed or if another follow-up service is necessary.

Does lysol kill bed bugs?

Bed bug treatment option range from biologicals to traditional insecticides and insect growth regulators to natural treatments.  Natural treatments for bed bugs include silica, diatomaceous earth, and common household products like lysol.  But does lysol kill bed bugs?  

Lysol will kill bed bugs when sprayed directly onto them.  Bed bugs sprayed with lysol will eventually die, either by suffocation or by dessication of their protective body layer.  Effective bed bug extermination involves more than just killing the bed bugs you can see.  Complete eradication of bed bugs involves a number of steps, including extensive bed bug preparation, to be effective.

Does baking soda kill bed bugs?

Does baking soda really kill bed bugs?  There is no evidence to support that claim.  The theory is that baking soda, when coming in contact with a bed bugs exoskeleton, will cause the bed bug to dehydrate and die.  If that is your goal, there are other natural products that have been proven to do this including silica dust and diatomaceous earth.

Natural approaches to bed bug control do have merit; however, complete elimination of a bed bug infestation often requires the services of a pest company specializing in bed bug extermination.  The key to effective bed bug control is site preparation for bed bugs.  Most companies will provide homeowners a list of prep items necessary for completion prior to treatment.  As for baking soda and killing bed bugs, the data supports better options than baking soda.

Do bed bugs bite dogs?

Bed bugs do bite dogs and cats in homes infested with bed bugs.  Bed bugs usually feed on humans, though.  Bed bug bites on dogs can look similar to fleas.  A number of conditions can cause itchy skin in pets which need to be ruled out before considering bed bugs. 

Bed bug bites can look different than flea bites on dogs.  Bed bug bites can occur in a line; whereas flea bites are random.  Flea and tick protection medications will have little effect on bed bugs, as they are specific for those pests.

Bed bugs vs mosquito bites?

Bed bug bites and mosquito bites can look similar but there are also some key differences.  Mosquito bites are small raised, red bites that itch.  Mosquito bites can occur in a person wearing clothes; whereas, bed bugs need direct contact with skin to feed.  Mosquito bites can occur at any time during the day when outdoors.  Bed bugs usually only feed at night when they detect exhaled CO2 from a sleeping human.

Bed bugs bites may occur in clusters or straight lines on the skins, but mosquito bites are often raised bites in random locations.  Bed bug bites may take a while to become itchy, whereas with mosquito bites the reaction is more immediate.  Bed bug bites also may appear as more of a rash than single bumps like mosquito bites.

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