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Educational Process During Insect-Baiting in College

Studying in college can be hard enough on its own. But it becomes a nightmare when there is a pest infestation going on. Students need a proper environment to focus on their academic tasks. And you can not do it productively when there are flies, cockroaches, or bed bugs in your room. Moreover, a pest infestation may discourage and demoralize students to the point that they would abandon their studies for good. That is why the administrators of the college facility  should react quickly to remove pests. But even when you apply the needed measures to resolve the problem, the educational process during insect-baiting in college may suffer. So, let us discuss how to convey this procedure optimally.

What insects to expect

The truth is, they would come eventually. The students would neglect their food leftovers or bring them on their shoes or bags, and the insects will find a way into your college. So, here are the most common types of the trespassers:

  • Bed bugs – are tiny insects that love to infest sleeping places and bite people during the night. It is very difficult to notice these pests, but you can see signs of them in the form of shells, black stains on the sheet, or bites on the face. Needless to say, having them in your bed is discouraging. Bed bugs are one of the hardest to eliminate, and you need to contact professional exterminators for the job.
  • Cockroaches – are one of the most common pests to infest your student dorm. Their favorite place is the kitchen, but you can encounter them in other rooms too. Aside from the psychic damage you take from seeing them, they can also carry diseases. And this is very dangerous for people in college environment.
  • Flies – these omnipresent flying insects can find a way into the students’ rooms very easily. They  bite and distract you in every way, so dealing with them is a priority for your education process. And as is with bed bugs and roaches, flies too can carry illnesses. If your immunity is good, it is not a big danger. But when there is a pandemic going on, the flies create a real threat.
  • Ants – these small hoard creatures usually only visit your room looking for food, while their nest remains outside. That is why removing them can be trickier than with other pests. Ants may be harmless to people, but they often cause considerable damage to wooden structures and food supplies. You can find their nests by following a trail of ants going to and from your building. Some species are more challenging to deal with than the others, so consider hiring a team of professionals.
  • Wasps – these evil insects cause an alarm from students on sight. And rightly so, because a wasp’s sting is venomous and the insect can sting its target multiple times. This may lead to an immediate allergic reaction and could create a need for hospitalization. Wasps should be dealt with quickly.
  • Gnats – these blood-sucking insects can create a lot of distractions during the night or while the students do their homework. Their bite leaves an itching spot on your body and can carry diseases as well. Gnats are attracted by moisture in your room. Any food leftovers, spilled drinks, or leaking pipes could bring these pests in.
  • Fleas – are a common threat for rooms with animals. Though these jumpy insects prefer to feast on dogs or cats, they can bite humans too. Use an appropriate solution on your animal to clear it from fleas and clean your room after it.






Measures to prevent the infestation

Pest control in college should rely on professional help. The administrators should hire  professional services to deal with any major insect infestation. Meanwhile, the following measures can prevent most of the insects from crawling in and breeding in your college facilities:

  • A thorough cleaning – insects usually lay eggs in food leftovers, trash, and animal manure. Clean these as soon as possible.
  • Seal your windows and cracks to prevent insects from getting in.
  • Use sticky tapes and light trap boxes to deal with flying insects in the room.
  • Ensure light control, because many insects are attracted by light during the evening. Turn off the outdoor lighting.
  • Use insecticide to clear your room from roaches and ants.
  • If the weather is hot, use a conditioner or a vent to cool your room. Do not open windows for this.
  • Fix your pipes and leakages so they would not attract moisture-loving insects.
  • Keep your food sealed away, so ants and flies could not reach it.
  • Citronella candles can repel gnats. It is a type of lemongrass that you could burn in your room to fend the insects off.
  • Wash your bedding and vacuum the surfaces to reduce flea and bed bug infestation.

Tips to make your studies easier

While the insect-baiting is in the process you still have academic tasks to resolve. To make this easier during this inconvenient procedure, you may follow these tips:

  • Take your homework outside. Visit a cafe or a park, so the environment would be more motivating than the dorm.
  • Outsource some of your college paper assignments to the online writing service. Hiring a professional service like College-paper.org may help students lower stress during their studies in a pest-control period in college.
  • Consider taking online classes from home. For some students studying online proved cumbersome. But if you are good with technology, use it to avoid living in a pest-infested dorm.

Bottom line

College should be the perfect environment to motivate people to study. But an insect infestation often ruins this atmosphere creating additional challenges for students to deal with during their education. This is why college administration should be vigilant and prevent the pests from overrunning their facilities. Know your enemies and deal with them accordingly. But most importantly, call a professional exterminator when the case is serious. You do not want your students quit or get into hospital because of some bugs. And when insect-baiting takes place in the college, allow some alternative ways for students to study outside their dorm rooms.

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