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Do Bed Bugs Jump and Other Bed Bug FAQ’s

Stain mattress bed bugs?

The sudden appearance of stains on your mattress may be a sign of a bed bug infestation.  Small blood and fecal spots that are dark red to black in color could be bed bug feces.  In addition to stains on the mattress, the presence of live bed bugs, dead bed bugs, or bed bug shed skins are indicative of a bed bugs infestation.

Stains on a mattress due to bed bugs may be cleaned with laundry detergent, a steam cleaner, or in the worst case a professional dry cleaner’s services.

How long can bed bugs live without food?

Bed bugs, like fleas, can go long periods of time without feeding.  Environmental conditions affect how long bed bugs can live without food, but range from 6-12 months.  While bed bug nymphs are not able to live nearly this long, adult bed bugs do not need to feed regularly to survive.

Bed bugs prefer to feed regularly, usually every 3 or 4 days.  Bed bugs only need to feed on a human host for a few minutes to get the blood meal they need to survive.

Can bed bugs live in your hair?

Bed bugs do not live in your hair but they can be found in your hair.  Bed bugs prefer to hide during the day in carpet, baseboard, curtains, sheets, mattresses, mattress seams, and furniture.  When they detect the warmth and/or CO2 from a sleeping human, bed bugs emerge from hiding to feed. 

Bed bugs prefer to feed on exposed areas of skin not covered by clothing or hair.  So while bed bugs can be found in your hair, they usually will not choose to live there.

Does bleach kill bed bugs?

Yes and no.  Bleach can kill bed bugs as the chemical contained in bleach, sodium hypochlorite, will kill bed bugs on contact.  So spraying bleach directly on bed bugs will kill them.

Unfortunately, the problem with a bed bug infestation is not the bed bugs you can see, but the bed bug you can’t see.  Since bleach as very limited residual killing activity against bed bugs, it is likely ineffective in completely elimination a bed bug infestation.

Steamer for bed bugs?

Steamers for bed bugs are an effective method to get rid of bed bugs.  Temperature of the steamer is the biggest factor in whether it will be effective.  Heated surfaces that reach between 160 and 180 degrees are lethal to bed bugs.  Anything below that and bed bugs can survive. 

To get to the correct surface temperature to kill bed bugs, a steamer needs to emit steam as high as 230 degrees.

Fleas vs bed bugs?

Fleas and bed bugs are both tiny, biting insects that can be found inside your home.  Both can look similar as they have tiny bodies and are darker in color.  There are differences between fleas vs bed bugs including: fleas have long narrow bodies vs bed bugs wide, oval-shaped bodies.

Fleas can also jump while bed bugs can neither jump nor fly.  Flea bites and bed bugs bites can both appear as small, raised red bumps on the skin that may itch.  Bed bug bites can appear in a straight line on exposed parts of the body during sleep.

Bed bugs photos?

Photos of bed bugs from pest control-specific website can help you identify whether your insect infestation is bed bugs or another pest.   It is not uncommon to notice signs of bed bugs before finding live bed bugs.  Signs of bed bugs can include: bed bug feces, shed bed bug skins, and dead bed bugs.

If you find a live bug you would like to identify, save it.  Search several well-known bed bug websites to learn if what you are dealing with is really bed bugs.

Can bed bugs jump?

If you spot tiny insects that are jumping in your home, it is not bed bugs.  The most likely culprit is fleas.  Bed bugs do not jump and also lack wings to be able to fly.  So if bed bugs don’t jump or fly, how do they protect themselves?

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding during the day in a number of protected locations in your home.  Bed bugs wait until they sense warmth and exhaled CO2 from sleeping humans as their cue that it is time to feed.

What do bed bugs look like on a mattress?

Other than spotting live bed bugs, there are a number of other signs of bed bugs on a mattress.  These can include red or black blood and fecal spots, shed bed bug skins, and dead bed bugs.

Finding signs of bed bugs on a mattress can take work.  It is critical that the homeowner inspects the entire mattress, focusing especially on seams and zippers where bed bugs like to hide.

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