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Common FAQ’s About Spiders in Mississippi

What eats spiders?

Spiders are beneficial to have around the home as they prey on a wide variety of insect pests, reducing their populations.  But what eats spiders?  A number of different insects and animals eat spiders including birds, geckos, scorpions, centipedes, wasps, and other spiders.

To control spiders outside of your home, first remove all spider webs with a web duster.  After that, the application of liquid and dust insecticides can help reduce the spider population around your home.

How long do jumping spiders live?

Spiders can live long lives compared to some other bugs and insects.  So how long do jumping spiders live?  Female jumping spiders can live up to 2 years, while male jumping spiders don’t typically live as long.

Are jumping spiders good to have around the home?  Jumping spiders are hunters and prey on unwanted insects are the home and garden.  Jumping spiders are definitely beneficial to have around the home.

Are spiders bugs?

Insects are commonly referred to as bugs, but spiders are not insects.  Insects have six legs with two antennae.  Spiders have eight legs and usually eight eyes, in addition to only two body parts.  Spiders also do not have wings.

Spiders are beneficial to have around, but not inside your home.  Spiders feed on a wide variety of insects, including pesky flying insects.  Spiders usually only become an issue when they find their way inside a home.

How to get rid of Brown recluse spiders?

Brown recluse spiders are venomous and brown recluse spider bites, while rare, can be serious.  Fortunately Brown recluse spiders are not aggressive and will usually only bite when threatened.  So how do you get rid of brown recluse spiders?

Brown recluse spiders prefer secluded living areas with clutter for protection.  Removing clutter in areas with a brown recluse infestation is key.  After that the application of liquid and/or dust insecticides can help reduce Brown recluse spiders inside the home.

What do wolf spiders eat?

Wolf spiders are beneficial to have around the home, just like most spiders.  What do Wolf spiders eat? Wolf spiders are hunting carnivores that prey on insects that live on the ground such as: beetles, roaches, pill bugs, earwigs, and ants.

Wolf spiders hunt at night when many insects are active.  Wolf spiders kill insects by injecting venom into them.

How many eyes do spiders have?

A common myth is that all spiders have eight eyes.  Actually the number of spiders’ eyes ranges from zero up to 12.  So while most spiders do have eight eyes, there is a wide variation depending on the species of spider.

Despite having a large number of eye, spiders don’t have great vision.  Since spiders do not have necks, they lack the ability to turn their heads.  Hence, the need for more eyes to see all around them.

How to get rid of wolf spiders?

Like many other spiders, wolf spiders prefer to live in protected areas that are quiet and undisturbed.  Getting rid of Wolf spiders may require several steps.  Removing clutter and boxes, as well as keeping vegetation trimmed outdoors, is a great way to reduce chances of wolf spiders coming into your home.

Wolf spiders are among the largest of all spiders at up to 2 inches in size.  Wolf spiders are poisonous; however, a wolf spider bite is usually not serious.  Pain at the injection site, along with inflammation, are common side effects from a wolf spider bite.

How to get rid of spiders in basement?

Basements are perfect living and breeding grounds for spiders.  With high humidity and moisture and rarely disturbed areas, a basement in your home may contain large numbers of spiders.  So how do you get rid of spiders in basements?

First, clean up and remove all clutter.  If there are moisture problems in the basement, this will need to be corrected too.  After that, use a de-webbing pole to remove existing spider webs.  Once all spider webs have been removed, liquid and dust insecticides can help reduce spiders in the basement and keep them under control.

What does a spider bite on dog look like?

Spider bites on dogs can be difficult to identify for a couple of reasons.  One, the bite can be hidden due to your dog’s fur.  Two, a spider bite may appear as only a tiny red bump on your dog.  So how do you know if a spider bite on your dog requires medical attention?

If you feel like your dog may have been bitten by a venomous spider, a call to your dog’s veterinarian is essential.  More serious side effects from a spider bite can include fever, nausea, and joint pain.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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