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Two young rats (Rattus) near the water faucet and dishes with the leftovers of food on a plate on sink at the kitchen. Fight with rodents in the apartment. Extermination.

Common FAQ’s About Rats Inside Homes

What are roof rats?

Roof rats, also called black rats, get their name from one of the most common ways they enter homes and buildings.  Roof rats are nocturnal and may use trees overhanging structures as a method of entry into attics.   Roof rats are also excellent climbers and can enter homes by climbing up the sides of a home.

Getting rid of roof rats inside a structure can be difficult. The first step is to cut back all overhanging limbs and trees.  After that structural repairs may be necessary to keep other roof rats from entering the home or building.  Finally, rat snap traps and rat glue boards can be used to catch any rats inside the building.

What kills rats instantly?

There are two types of rat poisons that kill rats.  The first is a single feed rat poison that is effective after rats consume a single dose.  The second is a multi-feed rat poison that will kill rats after they feed on the bait several times.

Both multi-feed and single-feed rat poisons are effective; however, neither kill rats instantly.  It can take 7-10 days after a rat consumes poison for it to die.  Rat poisons are extremely dangerous to both humans and non-target animals and pets.  In most cases, rat poisons should be used as a last resort and under the supervision of a pest management specialist.

How long do rats live?

For homeowners dealing with a rat infestation, a common question is how long do rats live?  Rats in the wild typically only have a lifespan of between 2 and 4 years.  Unfortunately, due to their ability to breed rapidly, relying on existing rats to die and rid your home of rats is not an effective strategy.

For rats inside your home and attic, rat snap traps and rat glue boards are a great option for most homeowners.

Mice vs rats?

Mice vs rats, what’s the difference?  Rats and mice have similar looking bodies; however, there are key differences to allow you to distinguish between the two.  First is size.  Rats are much larger and heavier than mice.  While mice have long slender tails, rats’ tails are much thicker and covered with hair.

There are also differences in color,  Both mice and rats can be brown to gray in color; however rats can also be black.

Killing rats with salt?

Does killing rats with salt really work?  Salt can kill rats in large amounts; however, it will likely take 80 grams of salt or more.  The chemical in salt, sodium chloride, can cause dehydration and subsequent death in rats.

For most homeowners, a better solution to getting rid of rats is the use of rat snap traps and rat glue boards.  Rat poison should only be used with extreme caution and in locked rodent bait stations to prevent accidental poisoning of non-target animals and humans.

Types of rats?

The two most common types of rats that invade homes and businesses in the United States are Norway rats and Roof rats.  Other common names for Norway rats include brown rats and wharf rats.  Common names for roof rats include black rats and ship rats.  Less common invading rats of homes are packrats.

Getting rid of rats inside a structure can be difficult.  First all points of access must be identified and repaired.  After that, rat glue traps and rat snap traps are often the safest, and most effective option, to get rid of rats.

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