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Common College Dorm Room Pests and How to Prevent Them

To prevent your roommates and yourself from being a victim of bedbugs, there are some actions you can take. One of the first steps is to conduct a thorough search of existing dorm furniture. Examine the corners, under cushions, and in drawers for signs of activity from bed bugs. If you purchase furniture from thrift stores, make sure that you remove cushions and look for signs of bed bugs. Also, it is worth purchasing mattresses covers. Pests are what can stand in your way to successfully studying, so StudyCrumb offers you to fix at least one of your problems – your home assignments. For everything else, there’s this article.

1. Bed Bugs

Inspection of your drawers and furniture is the most effective way to prevent a bedbug infestation in college dorms. You should inspect furniture and drawers for crevices that could permit bed bugs to gain entry. If they are found, get rid of the items. Changing bedding is also a good idea since it can be a hiding place for bugs. The mattress covers should be changed every 6 months.

The tiny bugs thrive in areas with high levels of human activity and are extremely difficult to identify. They usually appear as long, red, swollen bites that appear on humans. If you suspect an infestation of bed bugs in your space, then you may take care of the problem using chemicals or heat. Do not take the chance if it’s costly.

Reddish-brown and transparent tan is among the most well-known varieties of bedbugs. They’re tiny during the day with wingspans of only one millimeter. Adult bed bugs can live up to eight hours in their life span and are found in spaces that are at least 25 feet from feeding sources. Even small objects like phones and clock radios could be infested by bedbugs. They are especially prevalent when it comes to furniture that is used.

2. Silverfish

Silverfish, cockroaches, and gnats are all common college dorm room pests. They feed off moisture. So, overwatering plants and sinks are breeding grounds for these insects. They can also be drawn to window screens and leaky faucets. It’s also helpful to install screen doors to block bugs, but be sure to watch for any holes or tears within the screen.

A silverfish has a hairy shorter-legged, hairy insect that has three antennae. Silvery-gray bodies make them look like they can be either brown or silver. They’re able to live in the paper, starches as well as damp dishes. Flies and gnats are a pair of legs and they are also nuisances. They can hinder the study and attract other insects.

Avoiding creating areas for breeding silverfish is the ideal option to rid them of their habitat. Avoiding excessive moisture in the area is a good way to decrease silverfish numbers. Another way to prevent silverfish is to hang damp clothing to dry. Silverfish will eat damp hampers.

The first step in controlling silverfish is to remove any source of water. To decrease their number, dry wet clothing and store the fish in a basket or in a closet is a good idea. It is also possible to get an air dehumidifier. Another method to prevent pests in dorm rooms is to store damp items in bags sealed with desiccant. The most effective way to stop silverfish infestations is to eliminate every source of moisture.

In addition to being an issue, silverfish can be destructive to items belonging to you. Silverfish cannot transfer bacteria or diseases. However, they can cause damage to paper as well as other substances. They can also consume flour, glue, and various other items made of paper. It is essential to eliminate all infestations. If you notice silverfish living in your home do not be afraid to speak with an expert on pest control in order to eliminate the pests.

3. Flies and Gnats

The pesky insects are a problem that can be controlled through a variety of various methods. Flies and gnats can be prevented with some simple guidelines. You must ensure that your home is clean and free from all food or drinks which could attract insects. Be sure to empty the trash every night and wash it frequently. Make sure you clean and vacuum your floors often to discourage pests. To get rid of leftover food you should use a handheld vacuum to get your floors clean.

4. Ants

They usually get into the dorm rooms of colleges through the windows, doors, or water lines. Since college dormitories are often used by a lot of students, it’s important to eliminate garbage on a regular basis in order to stop ant colonies from forming. Some residents reported that ants returned to their homes after being treated. The college might consider employing a pest control company in these cases. They’re able to get rid of ants in as fast as 24-hours.

Contact the department of housing if you spot mice or other pests in college dorm rooms. If you see one, chances are you’ll see many others. The housing office will have the contact information and will also spray the dorms. But, don’t panic if you see one. Even if you notice one mouse, there are probably many more.

To prevent infestations, store the food and beverages inside airtight containers. Don’t leave leftover food items in the cupboards as they can attract ants. Straight white vinegar can be employed as an anti-ant spray to eliminate food smells. Spraying this solution on food counters, kitchens, and other surfaces will kill the ants. Spray insecticidal aerosol on the areas where ants may have built nests.

5. Cockroaches

The most common pest in dorms in colleges is cockroaches. Freshmen are not immune to this problem. Cockroaches can be a problem in college dorm rooms. A few students have reported finding them within their walls. Freshman Margot Mather, as an example, checks every sink, shower, and toilet in the bathroom of her apartment. Another Stanford student, Grace Bolandian, gave up on the floors’ bathroom facilities. Students must notify the ABM or the facilities management team if they have a pest problem. These professionals can help control insects and avoid future outbreaks.

Bedbugs and cockroaches are tiny insects. Cockroaches and bedbugs can appear in black, brown, or green. They are drawn toward warm, humid places. They’re present in more than 4,000 countries. Clean up any bed bugs found within your home. Bedbugs can be eliminated by heat and chemical treatment.

A basic cleanup should be performed in the student areas to test for insect infestations. It includes regularly dusting, wiping counters, and mopping floors. They should also wash dishwashing liquids. Keeping these insects at bay is the top concern for college students. A handout is recommended by the Master’s Pest Management Organization for students on the topic of pests in dorm rooms.

6. Spiders

Clean your rooms in the dorms so that you can avoid spiders and other bugs. Pest sprays can be utilized to remove pests and insects from dorm rooms. Be aware that bug sprays may include chemicals that aren’t ideal for college students. If you notice that you are experiencing a problem with a particular pest, it is an ideal idea to speak with a professional pest control company.

In order to prevent spiders from creating your room unsanitary, be sure that the dorm area is clear of dust, water, and light. Spiders like to build webs on bookshelves, windows, and other surfaces. To minimize the chance of spiders taking over your room in the dorms, take away obstructions from corners and ensure that your rugs are spotless. Clean towels and clothing hanging on clothes hangers. The spiders are fond of paper and books.

Though these bugs may be annoying, controlling the problem doesn’t have to be complicated. The most basic preventative measure is cleaning out your room regularly, and fixing holes in screen doors. If you find any pests in the room, contact your dorm’s resident assistant. You can also contact your property’s pest control.

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