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Can Roaches Fly?

Cockroaches are creepy crawlers, small, with transparency, and infamously known for carrying diseases. However, did you know that cockroaches can also fly? Yes, you read that right: they can fly. Cockroaches can fly up to 20 feet (6 meters) in the air and only do so by lifting their wings and jumping.

How do roaches fly? Cockroaches can fly but can’t fly very far, and most of their flying is for short distances. They have a pair of wings at the rear end, which they use for gliding. While they do glide, they can only glide a short distance, and when they need to, they will let go of the wings and fall to the ground.

Common FAQ’s About Flying Roaches

1.What is a flying roach?

2.What is a roach with wings?

3.What does a baby cockroach look like?

4.What does cockroach poop look like?

5.What to do about cockroach getting in a car?

Do all Roaches have wings?

Roaches are notorious for being dirty little pests, but they can seem like hard little bugs to kill. But did you know not all roaches have wings? If you live in the United States, you have probably never seen a winged roach. Roaches have wings, but they rarely fly, and when they do, they do so only when they are very young. Roaches, however, have wings that they use to fly short distances to find food. Roaches and crickets also use their wing cases for locomotion, which is why they often appear to crawl around on flat surfaces.

Roaches come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes, and while most don’t have wings, a few are an exception. Not all roaches have wings, but the chart hoppers do, and black roach wings are unmistakable. A few other roaches have wings, but they’re still pretty small, so you probably don’t need them to be able to identify them.

Can all roaches fly?

While roaches certainly can’t fly, that doesn’t stop them from flying through the air. Okay, we’re sorry. But it’s true. Studies have shown it, and it’s gross. But before you write off roach flight as a myth, know flying roaches aren’t technically flying. They glide through the air using flaps on their wings, which they extend before landing, much like a butterfly, and some roaches can fly over 30 feet. So, no, not all roaches can fly, but many can.

Types of cockroaches

Cockroaches come in all shapes and sizes. They are not only found indoors. They are found not only inside but outdoors. At any given time, there are over 1,000 species of cockroaches worldwide, making classifying this insect species nearly impossible. Roaches are remarkably adaptable, and while some species thrive in warm climates, others thrive in damp, cool environments. They are also naturally nocturnal creatures that come out at night to hunt for food.

Species of Common Flying Cockroach

Some cockroach species are adept fliers, such as Asian, brown, smokey brown, and wood roaches; others, like American cockroaches, utilize their wings to glide. It is common in the Gulf Coast area for Australian cockroaches to fly. Cockroaches from the Asian cockroach family, which can be found in warm locations like Florida, are able to fly. With their vivid green bodies and wings, Cockroaches from Cuba can also fly.

How to Get Rid of Flying Roaches?

Roaches aren’t fun, and they’re gross, too. These bugs love dirty and unsanitary places and flying, too. That’s why they’re called flying cockroaches. And they can infest your house like nothing else. And they try to creep you out by flying everywhere, all the time. They can’t land, so flying is the only way they get around your house.

Roaches can strike fear in any home. They spread disease, damage property, and can spread into your food supply. But getting rid of roaches can be simple with the right preparation. You’ll need to clear out nearby food sources, find and get rid of their hiding places, and encase yourself and seal off your home until they are gone. Here are some simple methods you can use to get rid of cockroaches:

Get rid of roaches using DIY home remedy

  • Flying roaches. When you open a door or sit on the couch and look up, you’ll find them crawling around your face. They hide in dark nooks and crannies, and it seems like the more you do to rid your home of them, the more you will see. Things like baking soda, borax, alcohol, dish soap, menthol camphor, and chili pepper effectively deter flying roach infestation.
  • Block entry points: Flying roaches are not something to be taken lightly, and getting rid of them quickly is key. They tend to target kitchens, bathrooms, and other cozy spaces in your home, so protecting your home is the first step to getting rid of these pests. (And yes, they are technically cockroaches.) Installing door and window screens and closing off cracks and crevices are the first tactics to adopt.
  • Keep your home clean: Roaches can spread germs and bacteria and often live in or near dirty places. If you are having a problem with roaches, cleaning up your home is important. If you need to get rid of roaches, start cleaning your home. Clean your kitchen and any food storage areas. Pay attention to the back of cabinets and under the sink. Roaches like to hide in dark, damp places. Fill any cracks in your house with caulk.
  • Pests traps: Who doesn’t love roach traps? I mean, they’re small enough to hide under furniture, they’re cheap, and they work. So what could be so wrong with them? Well, the answer is that a lot of roach traps out there don’t work very well and could even be doing more harm than good. And the problem isn’t limited to roach traps—there are also moth traps, fly traps, mouse traps, and other kinds of traps out there, and many of them don’t work well.
  • Pests control: For most of us, dealing with a roach infestation is not a pleasant subject. However, depending on where you live, it may be more of an issue than you’d like. Roaches aren’t the kind of pests that just go away on their own. No, they require professional help like Synergy Pest control company—and fast!

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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