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Black Flies: What To Do About Biting Black Flies

Do you love the outdoors? Is your day-to-day routine at home involve going out? If so, you may encounter black flies.

If you think mosquitoes are the wilderness wanderers’ real enemy, wait until you see lots of black flies. Their infestation can be worse than mosquitoes do. So, if you have to stay outside your home for a long time or they have already entered your living space, you need to repel them as soon as possible.

In this post, you will get more familiar with black flies and what to do with them. So, let’ start!

What are Black Flies 

Also known as “turkey gnats” or “buffalo gnats,” black flies refer to the small flying insects that feed off the blood of animals and humans. When they are fully grown, they reach up to 1/8 inches. Despite their tiny size, they can be a formidable foe.

These flies are often dark gray or black. They have stout legs and antennae and gauzy wings and use their short mouthparts to suck blood.

The black flies’ larvae and pupae are commonly found in flowing water. Once they are fully developed, the adults start to free themselves from the pupal case. Then, they rise to the water’s surface and fly away.

Are Black Flies Infestations Serious? 

If you live near waterways, you may encounter problems with biting black flies swarming on your property. While these flies only get indoors accidentally since they do not develop, feed, or infest inside homes, you have to repel them if you spend most of your time outside.

Black flies spend time in the campground, park, or backyard intolerable. They crowd around the ears, hair, and head of their targets, where they search for blood.

Did you know that only female black flies bite? These biting black flies may kill birds, chickens, and other domestic animals. Beware that some species carry parasites that cause onchocerciasis, resulting in nodules beneath the skin or blindness.

When Do Black Flies Infestation Usually Occur

The most prominent beginning of black flies infestation often starts in the middle of May. Then, it will continue until June and even July. While most species do not spread disease among animals and humans, their bites are itchy and painful. You may also notice that the healing process is slow.

Black flies may cause severe allergic reactions. Since they swarm their target, the victim receives many bites in a short period of time. It increases the risk of a dangerous reaction. Females lat hundreds of eggs near or in the water. This means you will usually see them in wooded areas close to bodies of water.

How to Get Repel Black Flies 

Black fly swarms cause unpleasant feelings, and the bites are painful and itchy. So, if you have to spend long hours outdoors near waterways, ensure that you know how to repel them.

Here are the easy ways on how to repel black flies to stay safe outside:

Wear Appropriate Clothing 

A straightforward way to prevent from getting bitten by black flies is to protect your skin. Do it by wearing appropriate clothing, such as pants and long sleeves, every time you go outdoors. These biting flies are attracted to dark colors, so go for light-colored clothing like white, tan, or khaki.

Wear Hat with Net 

Swarming the face is one of the annoying habits of these flies. It occurs because they are also attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale. So, the best thing you can do to protect your face is to wear a hat. Ensure that the hat comes with a net attached to it. This will also protect your neck and head.

Avoid The Sweets 

Another way to repel black flies is by avoiding sweets. When you go outdoors, avoid sweet fabric softeners, sweet-smelling perfumes, and indulging soft drinks and candies. It will help protect yourself from being attacked by black flies.

Rub Pine Extracts on the Skin 

The extract of pine branches alongside the lavender and vanilla extracts are recommended natural repellents. All you need to do is to break open a young pine branch. Then, mix the extract with vanilla extract and lavender. Gently rub the extract from the inside on the skin. There you have it! Enjoy outdoors without being attacked by black flies.

Take Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar has been a helpful remedy against ticks and mosquitoes for a long time. However, did you know that you can also use it to keep black flies away? Before your outdoor activity, about three to four days, take one tablespoon of ACV 3-4 times daily. It will help your skin stay protected from these flies.

Eat Garlic 

A few days before your outdoor activity, eat a clove of garlic per day. As you eat garlic, it caused your body to release allicin, a sulfur compound, and causes the garlic’s smell. Once your skin produce that scent, it will mask your natural scent. As a result, it will keep away the flies away.

How to Sooth Itch Caused by Black Flies 

Black fly bites cause itchiness. Once these flies attack you, ensure to soothe the itch as soon as possible to prevent severe skin irritation. Do it by:

  • Washing the affected area with warm water and soap;
  • Applying a topical agent like witch hazel or aloe vera. If the itching is very bad or persists, you may need an antihistamine cream;
  • Preventing yourself from scratching the affected areas as much as possible. Beware that scratching can break your skin which increases the risk of infection.

Hire Professionals – Synergy2 Pest Control

If you find the remedies above ineffective, you can contact a professional pest control company. Synergy2 Pest Control will provide you an environmentally friendly and custom treatment plan. You do not need to risk yourself every time you need to go outside. The entire pest control team will address all your needs and provide you the best possible solution. Then, you can enjoy the whole outdoor experience.

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