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Black Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs and Other Bed Bug FAQ’s

Does lysol kill bed bugs?

Similar to rubbing alcohol, lysol may kill bed bugs on contact but will not be effective for bed bugs hiding during treatment.  Bed bugs typically hide during the day and come out at night to feed on sleeping humans when they detect warmth and/or exhaled CO2.

Lysol does not have a residual bed bug killing action.  So while lysol may kill the bed bugs you can see, it doesn’t have any effect on bed bugs you can’t see.

What attracts bed bugs?

What really attracts bed bugs?  The assumption that bed bugs are a symptom of dirt, grime, and unsanitary conditions is wrong.  Bed bugs can be found in upper-end housing just as easily as lower-end and public housing.  So what are bed bugs attracted to?

Bed bugs are attracted to both warmth and exhaled CO2, usually from sleeping humans.  Detected these two things is the bed bugs cue to leave their hiding spot and come out and feed.

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

Yes rubbing alcohol can kill not only bed bugs, but bed bug eggs.  Unfortunately rubbing alcohol is not going to solve your bed bug problem.  Rubbing alcohol has little residual action, so while it is effective for bed bugs you can see, it will not kill bed bugs you can’t see.

Bed bugs hide during the day, usually only coming out to feed at night.  So most of the bed bugs are likely hidden while you are attempting to treat the area with rubbing alcohol. 

Symptoms of bed bugs in hair?

Bed bugs prefer to bite exposed areas of skin, usually while humans, their preferred hosts, are sleeping.  Bed bugs don’t live in hair, but it is common for symptoms of bed bugs in hair to emerge if you have a bed bug infestation. 

Some of the symptoms of bed bugs in hair include: itchy welts around the hairline, red bumps on the neck, and black blood spots on the pillow after a bed bug has fed.

What do bed bugs look like to the human eye?

At about the size of an apple seed, adult bed bugs are visible to the human eye.  Adult bed bugs may look similar to baby cockroach nymphs.  Adult bed bugs are flat, oval in shape, and reddish brown to dark brown in color.

Bed bug nymphs, on the other hand, may be very difficult to see based on their tiny size alone.

Black bugs that look like bed bugs?

There are a number of black bugs that look like bed bugs but aren’t.  Carpet beetles are among the most common black bug to be mistaken for a bed bug.  In addition the following bugs also look similar to bed bugs: spider beetles, bat bugs, ticks, and fleas.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, an inspection completed by a pest control company specializing in bed bug extermination is often the best first step.

Couch how to check for bed bugs?

Bed bugs don’t just live in and around beds.  Bed bugs live in areas of your home where they are close to a host to feed on.  Aside from beds, couches and other furniture in living areas are common places for bed bugs to live.

How to check a couch for bed bugs?  First look for signs of bed bugs such as shed bed bug skins and blood stains/fecal spots.  Remove couch cushions and inspect the zipper along with other hiding spots in your couch.

Types of bed bugs?

There are three different types of bed bugs.  Depending on where you live, one type may be more prevalent than the other two.  Of the three types of bed bugs, two prefer humans as hosts to feed on.  The other, called bat bugs, prefers bats.

It is not uncommon to find signs of bed bugs before seeing actual live bed bugs.

If one room has bed bugs do they all?

If one room has bed bugs do they all have bed bugs?  Maybe not to start with.  Bed bugs can come into your home in a number of ways.  It is common for them to first infest a bedroom as bed bugs prefer to feed on sleeping humans.

Over time bed bugs can move to other parts of the home, either by hitching a ride on humans or in search of a different host to feed on.

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