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Bed Bug FAQ’s May 10, 2022: Synergy Jackson Pest Control

Bed bugs pictures?

Bed bugs pictures are helping in identifying whether the infestation in your home is really bed bugs.  There are a number of websites that are excellent sources of bed bugs pictures including:




Can you see bed bugs?

Yes you can see bed bugs with the naked eye.  Adult bed bugs grow up to about 1/4 inch in length.  A good comparison would be to the size of an apple seed.  Bed bugs are oval-shaped and range in color from reddish-brown to darker.  Darker bed bugs may be a sign of a bed bug that has recently had a blood meal.

It is much more difficult to see bed bug nymphs and bed bug eggs.  Even adult bed bugs may be difficult to find as they hide during the day.  If you wake up with bites on your skin that you suspect are bed bugs, carefully inspect your bedroom focusing on the mattress, mattress seams, and sheets.

How to find bed bugs during the day?

Finding bed bugs during the day can be difficult.  Bed bugs love to hide during the day and most commonly come out at night to feed after detecting warmth and CO2 from sleeping humans.  It is much more likely to notice signs of bed bugs during the day vs live bed bugs.  Bed bugs typically feed in the early morning hours between 2AM and 5AM.

Signs of bed bug infestations include: fecal spots on mattresses and sheets, bed bug shed skins, and bed bug bites on the skin.  

Do bed bugs jump?

How do bed bugs move around?  Bed bugs can crawl quickly to a hiding spot when disturbed though.  But can bed bugs jumpBed bugs do not have the ability to jump, as fleas do.  They also are unable to fly as bed bugs lack wings.

Identifying bed bugs can be difficult as they hide most of the time until coming out for a blood meal.  Signs of bed bugs include shed bed bug skins, fecal spots on mattresses and sheets, and egg shells.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding.  Bed bugs hide waiting cues to feed, including warmth and exhaled CO2 from a sleeping human.  Oftentimes, you will find signs of bed bugs instead of live bed bugs.

Bed bugs hide in a number of places in the home including: bed frames, mattresses and mattress seams, furniture, drapes and curtains, electrical outlets, baseboards, and clothing.

How do bed bugs start?

Bed bugs are excellent travelers and can come into your home in a number of ways.  Once in the home, bed bugs breed prolifically and what starts as a small infestation can quickly grow out of control. 

Common ways bed bugs start or enter the home include:  hotel stay from a recent vacation or business trip, kids’ backpacks, women’s purses, clothing, recently purchased used furniture, and luggage.

What does an infested mattress bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs infesting a mattress can have a variety of appearances.  Early bed bug infestations of  mattresses may start with reddish brown to dark brown and black stains which are bed bug fecal stains.  As they infestation progresses there are a number of other signs to look for.

First, dead bed bugs and shed bed bug skins are an indicator of a recent or previous bed bug infestation.  Next, the presence of live bed bugs crawling on mattresses or bedding or hiding in mattress seams is a sure sign of an active bed bug infestation.

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