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8 Things to Expect from Your Air Conditioning Service

When it comes to air conditioner servicing, the professionals recommend having your system looked at every 2-3 years at a minimum. This applies even if your air conditioner appears to be working perfectly!

Regular and proactive air conditioner servicing will help to keep your system at its best while keeping your running costs at a minimum. Air conditioner services will also extend the life of your system, meaning you don’t need to waste money on prematurely replacing your cooling.

For air conditioner servicing to be effective, a licensed, qualified, and professional technician must complete the work. 

In this article, we will outline 8 things you should expect from your scheduled air conditioning service. 

1. Professional Cleaning


The majority of heaters and coolers utilize a forced-air system to keep you comfortable all year round. Forced air systems involve sucking up the air inside your home and blowing out hot or cool air to reach the ideal temperature.

All the air that goes through your system comes with dust, which can clog up the filters and affect other internal components. If it’s left to build up for too long, this dust will cause your air conditioner to work much harder, leading to higher electricity bills, less effective air conditioning, and a greater chance of breaking down.

During your air conditioning service, a professional technician will thoroughly clean your indoor unit to remove dust and grime. This will add years to your system while helping it to produce the best cold air and avoiding unnecessary repairs.

2. Refrigerant Checks

If you have a refrigerated air conditioning system, your technician will check refrigerant levels and ensure there are no refrigerant leaks to worry about. Evaporative coolers don’t utilize refrigerants, but the technician should still check for water leaks and other similar faults.

3. Looking Inside Your Air Conditioner

The inside of your air conditioner is where all the important components live, including fans, motors, and electrical wiring. Your service technician will perform a thorough inspection of all internal components. As well as inspecting and cleaning, they will carry out repairs and replacements as required.

4. Looking at Your Outdoor Unit

Not all air conditioning systems have an indoor unit, but almost all of them have an outdoor unit. This could be located outside on the floor, on an adjacent wall, or even on the roof.


The outdoor air conditioning unit contains parts like the condenser coil and the compressor, which are vital to the continuing functioning of your air conditioner. During your scheduled service, expect the heating and cooling technician to take a close look at the outdoor unit, ensuring it is clean, undamaged, and in perfect working order.

5. Testing All the Functions and Modes on Your Air Conditioning 

Modern air conditioners tend to do much more than just switch on and off. These days, you can control different zones, set the temperature precisely, use power-saving or turbo modes, and much more. Reverse cycle air conditioning even lets you heat and cool using the same system!

Most of the functions on your air conditioner can be set using a wall-mounted control or your remote. An air conditioning service should include a test of all the main modes and functions of your air conditioner. If there’s a problem, a professional should be able to determine if the controller or the system itself is the cause of the issue. The problem can then be addressed, getting your air conditioner back to full functionality!

6. Analyzing the Airflow


If air isn’t flowing effectively from your air conditioning, you have a problem. After all, blowing air is the main function of your air conditioner!

During your scheduled service, your technician will check for airflow issues. If your air conditioner isn’t blowing any air or the air is hot, cold, or room temperature when it’s not supposed to be, professional servicing can get it back to its best. At the end of your air conditioning service, you will have strong, consistent, and accurate airflow once more!

7. A Quick Process from Start to Finish

If your air conditioning service is straightforward, it could be completed in as little as half an hour. The average time for a service ranges from half an hour to an hour and a half, but several factors can affect how long it takes.

If your outdoor unit is hard to access or the technician discovers additional problems during the service, this will add extra time. Some brands and models will take longer to service than others, and commercial air conditioning servicing will usually take longer than servicing for residential systems.

8. Additional Repairs May Be Required


In most cases, you can expect your air conditioning service to be a straightforward process. Some small parts might need to be replaced or repaired, but the bulk of the service should consist of thorough and professional cleaning.

However, it’s always possible that the technician will discover additional problems while inspecting and servicing your system. Most of these issues can be resolved on the same day but they may incur extra costs. More complicated faults may require a follow-up visit to fix. In rare cases, replacing your air conditioning system may even be the best course of action.

If there are additional repairs or services required, consult with your air conditioning technician to determine what you should do next.

Save Money by Arranging an Air Conditioning Service Today

Air conditioning services may seem like an inconvenience, but they can save you from a lot of hassle in the long term. By scheduling maintenance just once every few years, you can lower your running costs, extend the life of your system, and reduce the need for costly repairs. On the other hand, an air conditioner that’s not properly cared for will be far more likely to break down and create issues!

Take care of your air conditioner. Schedule heating and cooling maintenance with a professional air conditioning technician today!

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