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5 Pests That Are Pestering Utah Residents These Days

The temperature in Utah has been dropping even if it is still in the fall month. Winter is drawing near. And winter has been erratic as well. These changes in the temperature do not affect the people only. Colder temperatures cause pests to worry as well.  

These Utah pests are the bane of homeowners. They bring about various diseases. Additionally, they spawn costly damages to properties. 

That is why in this blog article, let’s look into five of the common pests in Utah that are pestering during these fall and incoming winter months. As Sir Francis Bacon mentioned in his work, “Knowledge itself is power”. It is best to know what these pests are and how to deal with them. 


  1. Ants

Ants are widespread in Utah. The carpenter ants, field ants, harvester ants, pavement ants, velvety tree ants are five of the common ant species in Utah. Although the species vary, the damage they can do varies as well. It may look like you can squish them with your fingers or step onto them with your foot, but these tiny insects can be so ferocious that the destruction they can do in a house is the same as what termites can do. 

However, ants are not generally active during colder months. Winter is a season of hibernation for them, so they hide underground or on the trees. Since they hibernate during this season, they will do what it takes to find a warm shelter with sufficient access to food. It is also the season for breeding; hence, the population rises. 

Ant infestation is something you couldn’t miss. You notice a live ant or two roaming around your house, an ant trail coming in and out, or an ant nest. It is easy to deal with a small number of ants. Spray a state-approved pesticide, and the problem is solved. If you are facing a vast number, a professional exterminator is needed to do the job.  


  1. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, tiny, and wingless insects that do not fly or build their nests. However, they are infuriating parasitic insects that are feeding on the blood of people. They swig blood from their victims for about 5 to 10 minutes while innocently sleeping. Fall and winter are cold seasons that make sleeping so cozy. These insects have bitten the victims because of the visible scars, bumps, or welts on the skin. 

One of the most burdensome pests to get rid of is bed bugs. Their size makes it easy-peasy for them to hide in between furnishings. They only move once the hosts they want to feed blood from are asleep and barely noticeable. They can also survive for a month or a year without feeding blood. In addition, they are immune to the chemicals sprayed against them.

Eradicating bed bugs by removing the infested bed parts or furnishings from your house will not solve the problem. If you have a bed bug infestation, the best action is to seek help from skilled exterminators. 


  1. Cockroaches

Roaches are one of the most unwanted insects in the wanted list of pests. Out of the 55 species of cockroaches in the US, four are residing in Utah. They are unclean and filthy. They are carriers of more than 30 bacteria that cause nasty diseases such as E.coli and Salmonella. Yikes! They also carry with them a protein that triggers allergy and asthma. They wreck households by contaminating the sources of food and water.

 Like bed bugs, roaches are very challenging to eliminate. Perhaps, the most problematic pest to eradicate. They hide thoroughly between cracks and crevices. They also have an astonishing ability to adapt quickly to the changing environment. Moreover, they can withstand standard baits, traps, and insecticide sprays.

Cockroaches hide during the winter season. However, they mate and reproduce offspring in the same season as well. Hence, they will invade warm houses by entering broken or damaged chimneys, doors, or windows. These insects are nocturnal, so you can see them at night finding food and water near the areas where you cook or store food. The use of an insecticide can deal with them, but if you suspect a more significant infestation, again, it is best to leave it to the hands of the pros.  


  1. Mice and Rats

Rodents, such as mice and rats, are gnawing animals that have been bothering homeowners for a long time. Since they are warm-blooded mammals, they need warm shelter throughout the colder months. They, too, look for ways to enter houses that offer all the essentials for their survival.  

Mice and rats are persistent pests. As soon as they lock in their target place, they will find their way in by chewing the obstacles. They can gnaw on bricks, floorboards, pipes, walls, wires, and anything made from wood. Furthermore, their size allows them to enter through holes. Like cockroaches, they bring a lot of illnesses through their bites, droppings, and urine.

An infestation caused by mice and rats is easy to spot. Aside from seeing them or any nibbled fabric or paper material, the smell of rotten feces and urine permeates the air. There are appropriate baits, pesticide sprays, or traps that are safe to use in dealing with these feral rodents. However, for a safer and more secure way of resolving this matter, seek the help of a trusted and reputable pest control company.


  1. Termites

Both ants and termites can cause severe damage to your home if left unattended. Termites eat drywall, paper, or wood and create holes out of them. Otherwise, they dig tunnels from the soil to the house of timber apparent to the eyes. 

A thorough inspection of the walls can help assess the destruction they do. The cold months make them slow down, but it is challenging to eradicate them as long as they have a place to settle in and food to feed. 

Signs of termite infestation include small holes in mud tunnels, paper, sheetrock, or wood. There are termite-killing products that you can use to deal with these pervasive insects. If your safe do-it-yourself method does not work or you suspect a massive invasion, consult the assistance of the professionals. 

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