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5 Most Common Pests You Will Encounter in Your Home

One of the most irritating things is having pests invade your household. These nasty creatures can infest your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other places in the house and disrupt your daily life. 

These pests can occur at the most unusual times.

When you buy a house, the dealers will often sell you houses with pests and other damages in them. The presence of these creatures can also affect the market value of your residence. However, if you choose to buy your home through the off-plan property, you will get the chance to observe the place before buying it.

These tiny creepy insects invade your houses in search of warmth, food, and other necessities. They can sometimes be harmless, but most of them carry diseases and bacteria that damage your belongings and even your health. 

You can get rid of these pests by thoroughly cleaning the house and doing disinfecting the furniture and other stuff once in a while. 

Different types of pests can invade your homes. 

You should be aware of the types of creatures you will face to take precautions.

 Here are five of these pests that you will most definitely encounter in your house:

1. Rats and Mice:

Rats and mice are very familiar house pests, and everyone dreads these nasty creatures. These little things are responsible for spreading viruses like rat-bite fever ( caused by a rat’s bite and can cause severe damage) and hantavirus ( which you can develop by ingesting anything with rat/mice feces).

These dirty animals will invade any place that can offer them warmth and food. They don’t specify unhygienic environments. 

If you come across tiny droppings, shreddings of objects, or waste of packagings, it means your house has these rodent infestations. 

There are different ways to get rid of these pests. Some people try to take matters into their own hands by adding poison and rat traps.

However, rat traps have a few chances of working, and as for poison, when the mice and rats come across it, they run to their shelter and die there, leaving a foul smell and infections. 

The best way to remove these pests is by hiring pest control. 

2. Cockroaches:

Everyone despises these dirty little fellows. Cockroaches are disgusting to look at, and they are the cause of a lot of diseases. 

These creepy insects can come on any food, whether they are your dirty dishes or the crumbs of leftovers on your shelves. 

You can quickly get rid of cockroaches by thoroughly cleaning the house and blocking any holes or entrances to the house. 

Cockroaches have excellent survival skills; they can survive anywhere at any time. These creatures reproduce quickly and hide from the light. Hence spotting them is very difficult.

The best way to get rid of them for sure is by hiring an exterminator.  

3. Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are small tiny creatures that look like cockroaches but are smaller in size. These pests live in the seams of your bed. 

The symptoms of having bed bugs are tiny red spots on your skin. 

These gross insects come out at night and bite you while you are sleeping to drink your blood. Their bites can cause infections and diseases. 

They can even enter your clothes and suitcases. 

They are very minute in size, and you can’t spot them with ease. If you find blood spots or skin shreds on your bed, and if you come across an unusual smell, it means there is a chance you have bed bugs in your surrounding. 

You can take the help of pest control that will ensure the presence of these bugs and get rid of them.

4. Flies:

If your house has any meat or other dead animal or rats lying around, there is a high chance you will encounter flies. 

These flying insects carry different types of diseases like typhoid and tuberculosis, etc. 

If you come across flies in your house, you should immediately call for a pest control inspector and have him perform an inspection. 

5. Termites:

Termites are pests that invade your house in search of moisture and warmth. These insects can cause unstoppable destruction to your belongings if you don’t spot them. 

These pests can cause damage to your doors, floors, walls, furniture, door frames, cupboards, etc. They can leave holes in drywalls when they eat through them. 

Another sign of termite infestation is wings they discard on their way.

If you come across any of these signs of termites in your house, you should call for pest control as soon as possible to minimize damage. 


These pests can cause severe damage to both you and your belongings. You have to get rid of them as soon as you come across them. 

This article will help you to identify them if there is a chance that your house is under pest influence. 

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