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10 Habits for Keeping Pests at Bay in Your Dorm Room

Dormitory living has long been popular among students. First and foremost, this type of housing is inexpensive. Second, many of the freshmen have no other options.

Despite their numerous benefits, dorms all over the world share one common issue: insects. Despite regular treatment, they still live too close to humans. There are, however, rules that can help you avoid the appearance of (or at least reduce the likelihood of) unwanted “neighbors.”

How Do I Keep Bugs Out of My Dorm Room?

Keeping the dormitories in a proper sanitary condition is a legal requirement. When pests appear in a building, one takes precautions to eliminate them. However, the frequency with which insects produce new generations differs depending on their type.

As a result, they frequently crawl out of their shelters a few weeks after processing, which is extremely irritating. Before getting into the prevention measures, let’s take a look at why pests appear in dorms.

Why are There Bugs in My Dorm Room?

Despite regular parasite prevention and eradication treatments, insects continue to appear within the same premises. According to the study, not only is their number growing but so is their diversity. What are the main factors that contribute to this?

  • A dense population of rooms;
  • Differences in household management;
  • The breach of hygiene rules by residents within a single room;
  • Poor sanitary conditions in the dormitory building itself.
  • Absence of regular cleaning procedures;
  • Room staffing with unnecessary or improperly arranged goods.

How to Prevent Bugs in Dorm Rooms?

Consider some of the most important pest-prevention measures you can implement in your dorm room:

1. Keep Food Properly

The dorm room is a model of a small apartment. As a result, all food products and food remains are stored here. Because three to four people live in the room, the number of products/waste multiplies several times.

This is what best attracts pests. Cockroaches, ants, and mice are some of the most common of them. As a result, it is critical to store products and dispose of waste properly. Even if you feel too tired, clean up all the leftovers on time.

All bulk products (for example, cereals) should be stored in dense containers where the pest cannot get in. Furthermore, do not place containers on the floor. Also, do not leave food on the table. If you have not finished something or if you have leftover food, put it in the refrigerator.

2. Say “No” to Clutter

Many students aspire to live in a dorm room because they want more independence, including the ability to choose when to clean and how to keep all their things. This desire for independence frequently results in complete chaos, stacks of papers on the table, and clutter. As a result, insects thrive in these conditions.

Keeping the room clean and tidy is one of the simplest ways to prevent the appearance of insects in the room. If you find best writers’ websites, you will be able to delegate a share of written work to professionals and avoid paper stacks in such a small space.

3. No Dirty Dishes After Having Meals

Cleaning up after eating is also an important step. Because of personal characteristics and habits, people frequently leave this task “for later” because it is something they are accustomed to doing at home.

However, dirty dishes on the table or in the sink are the main source of food for insects. Thus, clean the table and wash the dishes immediately after eating.

4. Vacuum Regularly

If you vacuum your living space regularly, you will not only remove excess dust, crumbs, and food remnants but also aggravate the conditions for living insects. They are unlikely to want to live in a spotless environment! In addition, regular harvesting will get rid of insect eggs if there are any.

5. Eliminate Moisture

Excessive moisture also attracts insects. Cockroaches, for example, prefer places with standing water, warmth, and food. Water is also a favorite of flies.

Even with a tightly closed water tap, water can accumulate in the form of condensate on the pipes near the sink. Wipe up spilled water, keep an eye on the water taps’ condition, and insulate the pipes to avoid the appearance of insects.

6. Empty Wastepaper Baskets and Trash Cans Regularly

Students keep a lot of paperwork. Furthermore, they are required to print something every day to conduct research, write an essay, or complete homework. As a result, by the end of the semester, they accumulate a large number of useless papers.

You can delegate some of your writing to professionals from the top writers list to avoid this. Aside from reducing the amount of printed data in the dorm room, you should also keep an eye on emptying wastepaper and trash cans, as they can become a luxury accommodation for pests over time.

7. Do Not Put Bags and Suitcases On Your Bed

Insect infection is a problem that affects people all over the world. Students now have the possibility to obtain education in different cities and foreign countries as well. As a result, they frequently travel with large bags and suitcases, which, during a flight, are stored in a luggage compartment with hundreds of other bags.

As a result, you can arrive at the dorm not only with your new clothes but also with a “couple of new guests” who will happily settle into your dorm room. To avoid this, keep wet wipes on hand at all times. Thoroughly clean the suitcase after arrival.

Your “guests” can hide in bags and suitcases because they have tame places. As a result, it is critical not to place a bag or suitcase on the bed, as this will make it easier for pests to escape and hide, for example, behind a mattress.

8. Keep The Windows and Ventilation Funnels Closed with Mosquito Nets

Gardens, green lawns, and flower beds are frequently planted on campus. One can admire such things from his dorm room window for hours. However, with a supply of inspiration and fresh air, you can allow insects to enter your room.

And you will be lucky if they just go here and there on the ceiling or walls. In the worst-case scenario (if it is mosquitoes), you will be bitten by these parasites. You are fortunate if you are not particularly sensitive to bites.

However, many people experience allergic reactions that may require treatment in a local hospital unit. To protect yourself and your roommates, you should install mosquito nets on windows and ventilation exits, as insects can enter from adjacent rooms.

9. Do Laundry More Often

Dirty clothes can also attract insects to your room. Your clothes accumulate not only dust but also odours that can attract a variety of beetles over time. In addition to settling and breeding in your closet, insects can physically damage your clothes.

For example, they can leave spots that are nearly impossible to remove or make holes. You can avoid this problem by washing your clothes more often and keeping them neatly folded in the wardrobe.

10. Choose Your Roommates More Carefully

When students with different preferences and habits share a room, disagreements and even scandals are common. And it is all because someone does not want to maintain purity and follow the rules. As a result, all of your efforts to prevent the appearance of insects may fail.

In most cases, students (especially freshmen) do not have the possibility to select roommates to share a dormitory room with. This, however, only applies to newcomers. As you make friends, you will be able to reach an agreement with the campus administration so that they allow you to move in with your friends.


As you can see, there are numerous methods for keeping pests out of your dorm room. By following a few simple tips, you can keep your student housing clean and comfortable. Furthermore, it is because of your efforts that your dorm room will become uninteresting to insects. Have you ever encountered insects in dorm rooms? What effective methods have you used to combat them?

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