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Take Control of Your Jackson Property With Pest Extermination From Synergy²

There’s nothing more frustrating for Jackson homeowners and business owners than a pest infestation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rodents or insects. Something has to be done. And it has to be done quickly. After all, the rule with pest infestations is that, left untreated, things will get worse over time.

Thankfully Synergy² can help. Our comprehensive extermination strategies are proven to hit the infestation at its causes. We take every step necessary to ensure that once the problem is gone, it stays gone.

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Cutting-Edge Extermination Technology

We only use lab tested commercial grade pesticides that are designed for the specific type of pest problem you have. Contrary to popular belief, pest control is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Each type of infestation requires its own tactics, its own strategies, and its own weapons. Our pest control experts are trained to figure out exactly what’s wrong and figure out the appropriate response.

What does this mean?

Pest Control Strategies Tailored to the Environment

It means that our team is not just well trained. With years of on-the-job experience, they’ve learned to get into the minds of each type of pest.

Think about it. Cockroaches and bedbugs do not live in the same kinds of colonies. They interact with their colonies in very different ways. To properly deal with these, or any other type of infestation, it’s crucial to understand how they mate, relate, and live together.

The same principle applies to rodents. You wouldn’t treat a mouse infestation the same as a family of raccoons. Our exterminators know the animals and insects they’re dealing with. This kind of expertise, rare in the business of pest control, makes Synergy² stand out among the competition in Jackson.

Commercial Pest Extermination

The health risks associated with pest problems are enough to put your business at risk. That’s why business owners and commercial property owners know that when they have a pest problem, it needs to be dealt with right away.

You don’t have time to send your employees home because of bedbugs in the office. And you’re not going to close the restaurant because of a couple of cockroaches. But the temptation is there. And the risks are real. Your livelihood is at stake.

Thankfully Synergy² offers quick and efficient pest extermination services that will keep your business running. Our diagnostic professionals will assess the situation and create a plan of action. In certain cases, we will work outside of operating hours to get the job done. And we’ll help you reclaim your commercial property in no time.

Residential Pest Extermination

Whether you’re frustrated with the mosquitos, fire ants, wasps, bees, spiders, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, or rodents on your property, Synergy² will be there to help. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Jackson and the surrounding cities, to rid their homes of pesky pests.

No job is too big or too small. Just give us a call and have us over for an inspection. We’ll write you up a full estimate of the work with the number of expected visits and approximate treatment time.

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