The Mice are Coming! Myth vs. Fact for Mice in Your Home.

The Mice are Coming!

With the recent cool dry weather, the liklihood of encountering a mouse or rat in your home looking for a comfortable place to spend the winter months has greatly increased. 

Facts about Rodents:

- “It's only one little mouse”
Fact:  Female mice can give birth to a dozen babies…..Every 3 weeks!!

- “My house is in great condition, mice can’t get in”
Fact:  Mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a nickel

- “Our house is clean with no food left out”
Fact:  Mice aren’t just attracted to food.  They may need a warm place to nest or a source of water.

-“A mouse can’t reach my cabinets or countertops”
Fact:  Mice can jump as high as a foot in the air allowing them to easily access kitchen counters and pantries

- "Maybe they will just stay in the attic" Fact:  Mice and rats can foul insulation and chew through electrical wiring leading to expensive home repairs.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog on do-it-yourself tips for securing your home against rodents and when you may want to call a professional! If you have questions about rodent control please call or email us anytime!

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